We need your support to enable Rise up Australia Party to be a party in each State as well as nationally. To do this we have to keep adding members to the party.

THIS MONTH,  we have to confirm with the Victorian Electoral Commission that we have ENOUGH MEMBERS to continue as a Victorian Party.

Please HELP us by signing up! To become a member in any State CLICK HERE or call Yvonne on: 0414 870 453 for more info.

1st year membership FREE if you signup before end of October. Please tell your friends too.

Let’s Keep Australia Great!

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Final American Presidential debate between Trump & Clinton

Please watch & share this interesting final American Presidential debate between Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton.


We are inviting all passionate Australians who want to help Keep Australia Great to join Rise Up Australia party by becoming a member FREE of charge before the end of October 2016.

How to Join: *Apply online via the following link:

*Contact our National Head Office: Phone: (03) 8795 7544 


“Westernophobia, not Islamophobia”, says RUAP’s Daniel Nalliah

Please watch & share this brief important video link from RUAP’s Daniel Nalliah titled, “Westernophobia, not Islamophobia”.



Senate Candidates from the 2016 Federal Election

Daniel Nalliah
First Senate Candidate for VIC
Rosalie Crestani
Second Senate Candidate for VIC
Brian Tucker
First Senate Candidate for NSW
Maree Nichols
Second Senate Candidate for NSW
Anthony Hardwick
First Senate Candidate for WA
Sheila Mundy
Second Senate Candidate for WA
Paul Taylor
First Senate Candidate for QLD
Neroli Mooney
Second Senate Candidate for QLD
Jan Pile
First Senate Candidate for NT
Jimmy Baia Gimini
Second Senate Candidate for NT
Sandie O’Connor
First Senate Candidate for ACT

Click here to view our Lower House Candidates from the 2016 Federal Election

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Preferred Postal Address: PO Box 137, Hallam, VIC 3083
Registered Office: 30 Star Crescent, Hallam, Victoria 3803
Phone: (03) 8795 7544
International Phone: (+613) 8795 7544

Contact : Melanie Vassiliou
Office No: (03) 8795 7544


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