Lord Monckton stands beside Rise Up Australia
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November 20, 2014- The Age – Craig Butt

Lord Christopher Monckton is lending his support to the Rise Up Australia Party’s Victorian election campaign, and has helped one of their upper house candidates with her attempt to get the Casey Council to stop promoting same-sex relationships.

Lord Monckton, a noted climate change sceptic and former adviser to Britain’s Conservative party, was in the public gallery in a council meeting on Thursday, in which a counter-motion which asserted the council’s existing policy was passed.

Speaking to media after the decision, Lord Monckton said he was “willing to help out anyone on the (Rise Up) team who is needing some help”.

On Tuesday, Casey Councillor Rosalie Crestani, who is also running as an upper house candidate in the South-East Metropolitian region for Pastor Danny Nalliah’s Rise Up Australia party, attempted to pass a motion calling for the council to remove any mention of same-sex relationships from its advertising material and cease its diversity training.

Lord Monckton said: “Cr Crestani had been disturbed by the practices of this council imposed on its staff that appeared to her to contravene the 2010 Equal Opportunity Act.”

No need to discuss sexual orientation

Councillor Rosalie Crestani.

Posted by: Joel Brooks | 20 November, 2014

You may click the link at the bottom of the article to listen to a 5 minute interview with Tom Elliot of 3AW on their website.

Heterosexuality is being left out when it comes to discussion about sexual orientation, which is discrimination in itself according to Casey Councillor Rosalie Crestani.

At a recent diversity training program at the Council, Cr Crestani noticed that heterosexuals were never mentioned in the discussion, whereas for example; homosexuality and transgender were.

“I regard everyone as equal and I believe everyone should access to services with true equality,” she said.

“We shouldn’t talk about sexual orientation on the agenda, but if we are let’s just talk about it to include heterosexuals rather than discriminate against them by excluding them.”

“They’re actually leaving heterosexual off the list when they talk about sexual orientation.”

An example Cr Crestani used was if a gay person was called a derogative name.

“I said isn’t just the same as calling someone else a derogative name?” She told Tom Elliott.

“It would just be, write a complaint, you wouldn’t call names it doesn’t have to be specified in any one discussion.

“It should just be we have respect equally for all, we don’t have to put everyone in a box.”

Sexual preferences do not need to be made public, according to Cr Crestani.

“We don’t have to look at people and ask them what sexual orientation they are, we should offer them services regardless,” she explained.

“I think it’s their private business they have behind closed doors, it shouldn’t have to be bought out in the public arena.”


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RUAP in The Age & The Australian Newspapers
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Dear friends,The Australian

You may click the following link (also left photo) to read an excellent article that appeared in The Age regarding Rise Up Australia Party and the upcoming Victoria State Election on Saturday 29th, November.


You may click the right photo to read a very good article in The Australian about the same issue.

Rise Up Australia leader launches anti-multiculturalism book
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Daniel Nalliah, leader of Rise Up Australia and the party’s no. 1 candidate for the Upper House in the South-Eastern Metropolitan region, will launch his new book The 21st-Century Culture War in the West at Federation Square, Melbourne, on Saturday 22 November 2014 at 11.00 am.

Mr Nalliah’s new book, subtitled Multiculturalism and the danger of Fundamental Islamism in the West, is a revealing account of the failure of multiculturalism in the West. He was born in Asia, lived in Saudi Arabia just 40 minutes from Mecca and now calls Australia home.

His life in three very different cultures, in addition to working with more than 40 cultural groups in some 20 countries, gave him first-hand experience of the negative effects of multiculturalism in the Western world.

He tackles questions such as:

  • How do Muslims see the West?
  • Does multiculturalism unite or divide a society?
  • What values underpin stable government?
  • Is Islam a similar religion to Christianity?
  • How should the West respond to the challenge of rampant, oil-fired Islam?

Mr Nalliah gives a clarion call to the West to understand the threat to all the freedoms we hold dear and calls upon us to respond before it is too late.

Mr Nalliah said: “If we go down the current road of multiculturalism, soon the silent majority in the West will lose all their rights and start feeling that they are foreigners in their own land. We must rise up against political correctness and fight for the future of our sons and daughters. We must stand up now and protect Australia to Keep Australia Australian for generations to come.”

The book is very direct and to the point. This is a very politically incorrect book, but, says Mr Nalliah, it is what Australia and the West need.

Media inquiries: Melanie on 03 8795 7544

Age article on Liberal, RUAP & Greens
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Dear friends,

You may click the following link to read an article from the Age newspaper titled ‘Victorian state election: Denis Napthine puts Rise Up ahead of Greens’.


You may also click on the photo to the left to read the article as it appeared in the hard copy of The Age.

RUAP newspaper article

Dear friends,

You may click the following link to read an excellent newspaper article with Casey Councillor Rosalie Crestani who has been formally endorsed as a candidate for Rise Up Australia Party in the Upper House ahead of the Victorian State Election on Saturday 29th November.


Media Release: Mother-in-law of stabbing victim demands 20-year sentences for drawing blood with a knife
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Mother-in-law of stabbing victim demands 20-year sentences for drawing blood with a knife

Mother-in-law of stab victim willing to speak to the Press

The tearful mother-in-law of a 31-year-old mother of three stabbed to death in Geelong last week has demanded tough penalties for carrying or using knives.

Mrs Yvonne Gentle, mother-in-law of Tyrelle Evertsen-Mostert, stabbed to death last week by an acquaintance she had helped, have had discussions with Daniel Nalliah, leader of the Rise Up Australia Party and first upper house candidate for South-East Metropolitan Region in the forthcoming State elections, to determine and effective policy on knife crime.

Mrs Gentle, Victorian State President of Rise Up Australia, said: “Tyrelle was a member of Rise Up Australia because she strongly supported the party’s policies against serious crime, and family violence. She would have wanted to do good in death as she did to so many in life.”

Mr Nalliah said: “Knives are used in almost half of all murders in Australia. They are also frequently used in armed robberies and in youth violence. Till now, the public authorities have been soft on knife crime. Tyrelle was a victim not only of her murderess but also of policies that do not deter knife murderers.

Particularly, in a climate where Islamic fundamentalists are being encouraged by ISIS to behead innocent civilians, and attack our service personal with knives. Examples of this were Lee Rigby’s murder in the UK, and the attempted murder of two police officers in Endeavour Hills by Numan Haider.”

Read more »

Stop the torture of unborn children or be jailed – Nalliah

Dear friends,

Following is a very important article about stopping the torture of unborn children, written by Christopher Monckton of Brenchley.

Rise Up Australia Party has launched a major new campaign to protect babies being killed by abortion in Victoria from being tortured by abortionists during the death procedure.

Though the 2008 Abortion Law Reform Act in Victoria exempts abortionists who kill unborn children from prosecution for murder, the Federal 2010 Criminal Legislation Amendment (Torture Prohibition and Death Penalty Abolition) Act, which takes precedence over Victorian law, makes the torture of any person by or with the consent or acquiescence of any public official a criminal offence punishable by 20 years in prison.

Daniel Nalliah, founder and leader of Rise Up Australia Party, launched the campaign with a crowd of Rise Up Australia supporters on 10 November 2014 outside the “Fertility Control” and “Day Procedure” abortion abattoirs at 116-118 Wellington Parade, Melbourne.

You may click the following link to watch a short video of what happened yesterday outside an abortion clinic in East Melbourne and on the steps of Parliament.


Mr Nalliah said that unborn puppies had more rights in Victoria than unborn children of our own species. It was unacceptable, he said, that in a society that called itself civilized unborn children should not only be killed but tortured before they were killed.

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‘A dog in Victoria has more rights than an unborn child of our own species’ – ‘End criminal torture of unborn children’
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For Immediate Media Release – Monday 10th November 2014

At 1 pm on Monday 10 November 2014, Daniel Nalliah, leader of Rise Up Australia Party, will hold a press conference outside the “Fertility Control” abortion clinic at 118 Wellington Parade, East Melbourne to launch the party’s campaign to end the torture of unborn children.

At 2 pm, at the State Parliament in Melbourne, Mr Nalliah will hand in letters asking the Premier and the leader of the Opposition to consent to an urgent amendment to the Abortion Reform Act 2008 obliging abortionists to give an individual anaesthetic to every child of 17 weeks’ gestation or more who is to be aborted, to ensure that he or she is not tortured.

Mr Nalliah said: “By this major initiative we will persuade our legislators to make sure that any child capable of feeling pain and experiencing suffering is spared the excruciating terror of his or her own death agony. Victoria law – for now – permits abortionists to kill children, but Commonwealth and international law, which take precedence over State law, expressly prohibit torture.”

“The procedures inflicted by abortionists on little children offend not only against the explicit bar on procuring abortions in the Hippocratic Oath but also against the central principle underlying that oath: Primum non nocere: ‘first and foremost, not to cause harm’.

“The Australian Federal courts have held that smacking a child can be illegal: yet the law in Victoria permits killing a child. A dog in Victoria has more rights than an unborn child of our own species. Labor and the Greens refused to include a provision in the 2008 to prevent torture of babies by requiring a simple injection of anaesthetic. Torture is punishable by 20 years’ imprisonment.

“On behalf of those who have no voice and no vote, we are warning our lawgivers that they must do what is right and – if they must allow child-killing – make sure, by an abundance of caution, that they prevent the torture of the innocents that is now occurring in our hospitals and clinics, to the shame of our civilization. Who in conscience can refuse this measure?”

Read more »

Jewish radio interview link with RUAP National President Daniel Nalliah / Video link of modern history, nation & people of Israel
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Dear friends,

1) You may click the following link to listen to an excellent radio interview that RUAP National President Daniel Nalliah recently did on a Jewish radio station in Caulfield (Melbourne).


Please note that his interview starts at the 7 minute mark, although the first 7 minutes is well worth listening to with very important information about America and President Obama.

2) You may click the following link to watch an short 6 minute excellent video on the modern history, nation and people of Israel.

WATCH- I Am Israel

Media Release: Is the 6 year old Muslim Boy a Moderate, Radical, Terrorist or a Mascot / Do DHS & the Government have the guts to remove these children??
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Media Release – For Immediate Release – 30th October 2014

As reported on channel 7 yesterday and today, four young boys were displayed on a stage in Sydney, Australia by older men who escorted them to the stage, where the boys speak of an Islamic Caliphate in Australia & death to democracy. The youngest boy who is just 6 years old, declares that you are never too young to be a soldier.

Is the 6 year old Muslim Boy a Moderate, a Radical, a Terrorist or a Mascot ?? Do DHS & the Government have the courage to remove these children from their families into protective custody for rehabilitation to save their lives, and more so, to protect Australia from possible disaster??

You may watch the link below.


This footage which incites young Muslim children living in Australia to hate non-Muslims is appalling, and needs immediate action by the Government.

The National President of Rise Up Australia Party, Daniel Nalliah stated, “I have been warning Australia and the west for the past 15 years of the evil of fundamentalist Islam.

I recommend that these children be immediately removed into protective custody, and the adults promoting this event be imprisoned and their organization shut down.

But I dare say, neither DHS nor the Government will have the moral fortitude to  remove these children because of fear of retaliation by the Muslims. Our politically correct leaders will continue to give into this nonsense until we lose our rights and become invisible prisoners in our own country.

How much longer are we going to cow down to the threat of Islamism?? Will it be until it is too late, as in many parts of Europe and USA?

It is time to call a spade a spade. We must confront this evil and deal with it now.

May I also caution you to always remember that there are many Muslims who do not practice the Koran to the letter. We need to love them and embrace them as our own. But make no mistake, Islam is a death cult, just not ISIS or Al-Qaeda.”

Call on your local MP and ask them as to what action has been taken regarding this matter. They may try to avoid you, but be persistent.



Is a six year old – Moderate or Extreme?
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Chidren being indoctrinatedIn short, Australians ARE being taken for a ride.

From Channel 7 News, “chillingly”:

In the video of the event held on 2013 in old Lakemba, young boys rally under the banner “Soldiers of Khilafa” with a six-year-old proclaiming:
“You’re never too young to be a Soldier for Khilafa.”

Well, Foreign Minister Bishop may be condemning and Immigration Minister Morrison disturbed, but we at Rise up Australia Party are NOT surprised.

Islam lies. Many Ministers, our direct governmental representatives, have fallen…for the lie. Compare the statements of the Minister for Immigration with a hate-preacher of the endearing, rapidly nurtured, no-longer-a-creeping-baby, Islamic Fifth Column

Bilal Merhi:
“Yes my brothers, we will change the world to suit Islam… The Muslims living in Australia are also engaging in this struggle,” [audience 6 y.o to 60]

Scott Morrison:
“The video is not reflective of the broader Islamic community of Australia” [audience 23 million]

Dear oh deer. Fawn oh fawning!


Viewers of Channel Seven’s Sunrise might have even seen the “penny drop” with host David Koch, this morning.
HOME AND AWAY; Islam is BAD news.

Rise Up Australia and Keep Australia Australian!

New Mayor Appointed in Casey
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imageRise Up Australia Party congratulates Mick Morland on being appointed the new Mayor of Casey for 2014-2015.

Rise Up President Daniel Nalliah, and RUAP State Regional Candidates Barry Fitzsimons and Yvonne Gentle joined Councillor Rosalie Crestani at the function to celebrate his appointment.

A Christian who believes in Same-Sex Marriage???
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032283-95ce26d4-5bfa-11e4-9c68-d403f5dcc36d (2)DEUS EX MACHINA

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has become the first Australian political leader to confront the Australian Christian Lobby on same-sex marriage, telling them he is a Christian who believes in marriage equality.

From the Herald Sun, “The issue of gay marriage is back on the boil after Labor leader Bill Shorten fronted a crowd of conservative Christians and called on them not to use religion as an instrument of exclusion.  ‘I am a Christian and a supporter of marriage equality under the law,’   Mr Shorten told the Australian Christian Lobby national conference in Canberra on Saturday. The opposition leader began his speech as if was a sermon — by quoting from the scriptures.”

Only 4 days earlier, Mr.Shorten celebrated his hero, Gough Whitlam, because he gave us “no fault” divorce, showing just how much Mr.Shorten treasures God’s version of marriage and family. Read more »

Islam – A Deadly Misconception
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michael-zehalf-bibeauThe Canadian Government would have us believe that Michael Zehaf-Bibeau (born Michael Joseph Hall), worked all on his own and that he had nothing to do with ISIS or Islam.  This is the standard stock reply of all governments around the world when any muslim is involved in a terror attack.

We know that is impossible that all governments can be so blindingly stupid, so the more likely answer is that the are drunk on power, and the money that comes out of the Arab Nations and have no intention of giving it up.  They blame everything else on the reason for the terror, other than the real reason, which is radical Islam.

Corrupt or blind, they refuse to see,  that the true Islamist hates our very heritage.  This was evidenced by the murder of Private Cirrillo at the Canadian Capital’s war memorial.

Certainly there are millions of muslims who are peace loving, but where are their voices shouting out about the atrocities which are being carried out in the name of Islam?  Let every Imam in Australia stand up and denounce what is going on, and state categorically that they are against the violence.  If they don’t then it is time to close down their mosques and deport them from Australia. Read more »

RUAP in local media / Qantas employee suing over religious discrimination for wearing a Christian cross
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Dear friends,

1) You may click the following link to read an excellent article about RUAP that recently appeared in the local media.


2) You may click the following link to read an article from the Herald Sun about an employee suing their Qantas employer over religious discrimination for wearing a Christian cross.


Great success / 5000 Pro-Lifers at March for Babies in Melbourne

Dear friends,

The March for Babies in Melbourne last Saturday was a great success with several thousand PRO-LIFERS demonstrating LOVE over hate & LIFE over death!

Well done Liberal MP Bernie Finn for organising and leading the march, also the 200 or so Victoria Police who did a fantastic job in keeping the 40-60 pro-death protesters under control, who were no match for the 5000+ Pro-Lifers.

Given the violence against the Pro-Life March last year, it was very encouraging to see more people marching this year to take a stand for the unborn.

MP Bernie Finn, Lord Christopher Monckton, Kay Painter and several others did a great job in delivering an uncompromising message. Read more »

RUA Party Campaigns in Dandenong, Victoria (one of the world’s largest Multi-Ethnic Communities) & speaks to several Muslims
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Dear friends,

Rise Up Australia Party took to the streets of Dandenong yesterday to campaign for the upcoming Victoria State Election. Around 30-40 party members were wearing RUA Party T-shirts, led by National President Daniel Nalliah, who is also the Upper House Lead Candidate for South East Metropolitan Victoria

Rosalie Crestani the Second Upper House Candidate for the region, who is also a Councillor from the city of Casey, along with Lord Christopher Monckton, a former adviser to former PM Margret Thatcher, also joined in the campaign. Read more »

Is a vote for Labor a vote for fundamentalist Islam?
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ShortengunIf you read the article put out by Bill Shorten and Michelle Rowlands, his Shadow Minister for Citizenship and Multiculturalism, you would have to think so. They obviously intend to take us back to the dark ages when there was a Department of Multiculturalism, but he is also trying to appease less than 2% of the population, at the expense of the 100% of the population who actually vote for him.
Anyone who has read the Koran knows that around 60% of it preaches violence against anyone who does not follow the Koran to the letter of the law.

If Bill Shorten believes that his few words of platitude will make any difference as to how the muslims will act or think, he is sadly mistaken.

ISIL IS ISLAM!!! Read more »

Media Release: Former PM John Howard says he is not a fan of Multiculturalism. Neither am I says Rise Up Australia National President Daniel Nalliah

Media Release – For Immediate Release – 23rd Sept 2014

Last week on Channel 7, John Howard, a true statesman, and one of Australia’s best ever PM’s, stated that he wanted people who immigrate to Australia to integrate into our Australian way of life.  He also stated that there are too many small, closed communities, which have resulted in people becoming radicalised.

Following is the Channel 7 link.


Well, we all know who he is speaking about, don’t we?? Read more »

Napthine makes a Mockery of his Office
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Denis-NapthineWhen Dr Denis Napthine had the opportunity to expel Liberal-turned-independent MP Geoff Shaw, it didn’t suit him to do so because he would have been forced to fight a by-election in Frankston.  Knowing that he would probably lose the by-election to Labor, and thereby lose government, he used dubious tactics to suspend Mr Shaw. He did, however, only suspended him long enough to avoid having to go to a by-election, and is now trying to expel Shaw in order to punish him further.

While these tactics may be legal they certainly go to show the character of the Liberal leader.  While Dr Napthine claims in a 9 News program “The government wants the independent Frankston MP held in contempt of parliament and expelled after he told the media he just did what he needed to do to stay in the parliament. Read more »

Media coverage and Public Assurance Cooperation for Australia Christians, Democratic Labor Party & Rise Up Australia Party
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Public Assurance of CooperationDear friends,

You may click the following links for media coverage on yesterday’s ‘Public Assurance of Cooperation’ co-signing agreement (attached) between Australian Christians (AC), Democratic Labor Party (DLP), and Rise Up Australia Party (RUAP) for the 2014 Victorian State Election.


TV 1 – Medium  (Channel Nine News)

http://www.standard.net.au/story/2499358/dlp-preference-deal-lifts-chances-in-south-west/?cs=12  (Warrnambol Standard)

Authorised by Daniel Nalliah
30 Star Crescent, Hallam, Vic 3803