Islam – A Deadly Misconception
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michael-zehalf-bibeauThe Canadian Government would have us believe that Michael Zehaf-Bibeau (born Michael Joseph Hall), worked all on his own and that he had nothing to do with ISIS or Islam.  This is the standard stock reply of all governments around the world when any muslim is involved in a terror attack.

We know that is impossible that all governments can be so blindingly stupid, so the more likely answer is that the are drunk on power, and the money that comes out of the Arab Nations and have no intention of giving it up.  They blame everything else on the reason for the terror, other than the real reason, which is radical Islam.

Corrupt or blind, they refuse to see,  that the true Islamist hates our very heritage.  This was evidenced by the murder of Private Cirrillo at the Canadian Capital’s war memorial.

Certainly there are millions of muslims who are peace loving, but where are their voices shouting out about the atrocities which are being carried out in the name of Islam?  Let every Imam in Australia stand up and denounce what is going on, and state categorically that they are against the violence.  If they don’t then it is time to close down their mosques and deport them from Australia.

Our left wing friends would have us believe that religious wars are not uncommon and this is just another one.

We recently received an article from one of our supporters that answered that question quite well.  It is reproduced below:-


A Deadly Misconception

Many Australians hold to a common view that it is religion which is to blame for all the wars in the world. But is this really the case? Has it always been religion which has been the cause of wars in the history of mankind? If you look at the bloodiest war of all you can hardly say that religion was to blame for it. Read more »

RUAP in local media / Qantas employee suing over religious discrimination for wearing a Christian cross
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Dear friends,

1) You may click the following link to read an excellent article about RUAP that recently appeared in the local media.

2) You may click the following link to read an article from the Herald Sun about an employee suing their Qantas employer over religious discrimination for wearing a Christian cross.

Great success / 5000 Pro-Lifers at March for Babies in Melbourne

Dear friends,

The March for Babies in Melbourne last Saturday was a great success with several thousand PRO-LIFERS demonstrating LOVE over hate & LIFE over death!

Well done Liberal MP Bernie Finn for organising and leading the march, also the 200 or so Victoria Police who did a fantastic job in keeping the 40-60 pro-death protesters under control, who were no match for the 5000+ Pro-Lifers.

Given the violence against the Pro-Life March last year, it was very encouraging to see more people marching this year to take a stand for the unborn.

MP Bernie Finn, Lord Christopher Monckton, Kay Painter and several others did a great job in delivering an uncompromising message. Read more »

RUA Party Campaigns in Dandenong, Victoria (one of the world’s largest Multi-Ethnic Communities) & speaks to several Muslims
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Dear friends,

Rise Up Australia Party took to the streets of Dandenong yesterday to campaign for the upcoming Victoria State Election. Around 30-40 party members were wearing RUA Party T-shirts, led by National President Daniel Nalliah, who is also the Upper House Lead Candidate for South East Metropolitan Victoria

Rosalie Crestani the Second Upper House Candidate for the region, who is also a Councillor from the city of Casey, along with Lord Christopher Monckton, a former adviser to former PM Margret Thatcher, also joined in the campaign. Read more »

Is a vote for Labor a vote for fundamentalist Islam?
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ShortengunIf you read the article put out by Bill Shorten and Michelle Rowlands, his Shadow Minister for Citizenship and Multiculturalism, you would have to think so. They obviously intend to take us back to the dark ages when there was a Department of Multiculturalism, but he is also trying to appease less than 2% of the population, at the expense of the 100% of the population who actually vote for him.
Anyone who has read the Koran knows that around 60% of it preaches violence against anyone who does not follow the Koran to the letter of the law.

If Bill Shorten believes that his few words of platitude will make any difference as to how the muslims will act or think, he is sadly mistaken.

ISIL IS ISLAM!!! Read more »

Media Release: Is the Islamic Council of Victoria a terrorist organization or are they true Muslims??
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Media Release – For Immediate Release – 25th September 2014

According to Islam they are true Muslims.

Is Numan Haider, the 18 year old Muslim a terrorist or a true Muslim??

According to Islam he is a true Muslim.

Under Islam the Islamic Council of Victoria was right in refusing to call the Islamic jihadist a terrorist, because like the jihadist, the ICV believes in the same Koran, which makes them both true Muslims.  We in the West call anyone who acts in the manner of the true nature of the Koran, terrorists. Read more »

Global Marches Draw Attention to Climate Change
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imagesThe above headline, and others like it, are being published daily by the left wing press. It is unusual, if not downright impossible, to get an article in the newspapers telling the other side of the story. People like Al Gore refuse to debate the issue because they know that they don’t have a leg to stand on, and would lose too much money when they are proven to be wrong.

The original global warming scare campaign was started by Maurice Strong (a One World Government campaigner) in 1972 in Stockholm, and based on a paper by Roger Revelle and Hans Suess. Al Gore studied under Roger Revelle at university and was motivated to make it his life work.

In 2009 Al Gore was honoured with the first ever Roger Revelle Prize for his environmental work.

What is not mentioned is that Revelle changed his mind on Global Warming before he died in 1991. Al Gore’s reaction to hearing that Revelle had backed down, was to say that he (Gore) had made up his mind on Global Warming, and called his former lecturer Roger Revelle a senile old man.

For those of you who would like to hear an opposing view on climate change I invite you to click on the following link

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott is to be commended on not attending any of the marches, and for refusing to believe the “4,7 Billion Dollars a year” lie. He joins over 9,000 PHD’s and 31,000 scientists who have signed a petition against Global Warming.

Media Release: Former PM John Howard says he is not a fan of Multiculturalism. Neither am I says Rise Up Australia National President Daniel Nalliah

Media Release – For Immediate Release – 23rd Sept 2014

Last week on Channel 7, John Howard, a true statesman, and one of Australia’s best ever PM’s, stated that he wanted people who immigrate to Australia to integrate into our Australian way of life.  He also stated that there are too many small, closed communities, which have resulted in people becoming radicalised.

Following is the Channel 7 link.

Well, we all know who he is speaking about, don’t we?? Read more »

Very successful RUAP Campaign Meetings in Frankston, Victoria & Melbourne Western Suburbs with lots of media

Dear friends,

The campaign meetings held in Frankston, Victoria last Saturday the 20th September and in the Melbourne Western Suburbs on Sunday 21st September were a great success.

Around 80 people attended the meeting on Saturday and more than 100 people at Sunday’s meetings.

Several people came to the meetings after listening to the 3AW broadcast of Rise Up Australia Party President Daniel Nalliah with Tom Elliott.

These people who came were greatly challenged by the speeches delivered by Hon Geoff Shaw MP for Frankston, Lord Christopher Monckton and Daniel Nalliah. Read more »

Napthine makes a Mockery of his Office
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Denis-NapthineWhen Dr Denis Napthine had the opportunity to expel Liberal-turned-independent MP Geoff Shaw, it didn’t suit him to do so because he would have been forced to fight a by-election in Frankston.  Knowing that he would probably lose the by-election to Labor, and thereby lose government, he used dubious tactics to suspend Mr Shaw. He did, however, only suspended him long enough to avoid having to go to a by-election, and is now trying to expel Shaw in order to punish him further.

While these tactics may be legal they certainly go to show the character of the Liberal leader.  While Dr Napthine claims in a 9 News program “The government wants the independent Frankston MP held in contempt of parliament and expelled after he told the media he just did what he needed to do to stay in the parliament. Read more »

Media coverage and Public Assurance Cooperation for Australia Christians, Democratic Labor Party & Rise Up Australia Party
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Public Assurance of CooperationDear friends,

You may click the following links for media coverage on yesterday’s ‘Public Assurance of Cooperation’ co-signing agreement (attached) between Australian Christians (AC), Democratic Labor Party (DLP), and Rise Up Australia Party (RUAP) for the 2014 Victorian State Election.

TV 1 – Medium  (Channel Nine News)  (Warrnambol Standard)

Authorised by Daniel Nalliah
30 Star Crescent, Hallam, Vic 3803