Rise Up Australia Party would like to sincerely thank all of our members, candidates, volunteers and supporters across every state for their much appreciated and valued support during the whole election campaign. We also congratulate the new government in advance once votes are completed being counted and they take office.
Our team are determined and dedicated to continue Rising Up Australia to protect and help Keep Australia great for generations to come!
Together we can make a difference.



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What does the New Senate voting system mean for my vote?

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1] How to vote – Ballot ticket explained

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Senate Candidates

Daniel Nalliah
First Senate Candidate for VIC
Rosalie Crestani
Second Senate Candidate for VIC
Brian Tucker
First Senate Candidate for NSW
Maree Nichols
Second Senate Candidate for NSW
Anthony Hardwick
First Senate Candidate for WA
Sheila Mundy
Second Senate Candidate for WA
Paul Taylor
First Senate Candidate for QLD
Neroli Mooney
Second Senate Candidate for QLD
Jan Pile
First Senate Candidate for NT
Jimmy Baia Gimini
Second Senate Candidate for NT
Sandie O’Connor
First Senate Candidate for ACT

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Australian Federal Election Major Shift

Dear friends,

Once again, thank you so very much for your physical, financial & moral support.

The results in Australia’s last election were unexpected for many, as the major parties lost several seats, with mostly conservative minor parties with moral values, winning seats.

Unfortunately, RUAP did not win any seats, but did quite well in the elections. In some electorates we received almost 5 times the vote compared to the last election.

Some of the candidates from varying political parties, who were elected into the Senate, do not necessarily have the same ethos as RUAP candidates, but are standing for some very good values.




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