RUAP Senate Candidates 2019

Rosalie Crestani
Lead Senate Candidate for VIC
Rev. Dr. Daniel Nalliah
National President
Second Senate Candidate for VIC
Maree Nichols
Lead Senate Candidate for NSW
Vladimir Shigrov
Second Senate Candidate for NSW
Graham Healy
Lead Senate Candidate for OLD.
Lionel Henaway
Second Senate Candidate for QLD
Jan Pile
Lead Senate Candidate for NT
Leslie Harris
Second Senate Candidate for NT

Do you love this country the way it is?




Sharia Law belongs within the Islamic
Culture which is all Culture Religion and Law – They do not separate one from the other!

No wearing of western clothing.
Women must wear the hijab.
No drinking of alcohol.
No socialising between single/ unmarried men and women in public.
A Woman’s testimony will be deemed only half the worth of a man at the most.
Female genital mutilation is practiced.
The death penalty will be introduced.
Public stoning to death as a punishment for breaking of laws such as unfaithfulness in marriage.
Public lashings for menial offences.
And so much more!
In short:
No equal rights.
No freedom of thought or religion.
Western culture forbidden.
United Nations Human Rights Laws will not be observed.

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Anti-Muslim Rise Up party scores top Senate spots in NSW and Queensland

Leader of the Rise Up Australia Party Daniel Nalliah

A right-wing anti-Muslim party has secured prime position on both the NSW and Queensland Senate ballot papers.

The Rise Up Australia Party uses a “Keep Australia Australian” slogan and lobbies against Islam and multiculturalism.

Its leader, Sri Lankan-born evangelical pastor Rev Daniel Nalliah, came to national attention in 2007, when he won on appeal a religious vilification lawsuit brought by the Islamic Council of Victoria.

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Rise Up draw first on NSW Senate ballot

Ballot draws have been drawn throughout eastern states to determine the order of candidates on ballot papers.

Rise Up Australia has secured prime position on the Senate ballot paper in NSW, which will feature more than 100 candidates.

The right-wing political party on Wednesday drew the coveted first spot on the ballot, ahead of the Liberal-Nationals in fourth place and Labor in 10th.

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Refugee – Asylum Seeker Policy

Where should Australia stand on refugees?  Do we have a duty of care to our own citizens first before others, or should we be a halfway house to the world? It seems like we are attempting to do both.

Christmas Island detention centre infrastructure should be put to good use as an off sure medical and training facility; a place where current refugees can be given work and a purpose while waiting for assessment. This should be considered instead of bringing refugees to the mainland for medical attention.




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