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BrianTuckerFirst Senate Candidate for NSW,

Born and educated in NSW, Brian has acquired a PhD in Psychology and has an enriched history in Humanitarian Service, helping people from a pastoral care perspective. He is a reformer of the law and a human rights advocate with an interest in upholding our Constitutional Law. Brian has lived almost all of his life in the Hunter Region where he served with the defence force and the Ambulance Service and has a real genuine heart for people. Brian has seen the effects of community health issues, crime and government initiatives that have and haven’t worked and is passionate about change for the better in the community and our nation.

Brian, a family man, is married to Catherine and together they are members of the Disaster Recovery Chaplain’s Network where they are involved in supporting communities during times of disasters and emergencies. His previous vocation and paramedical background have given him an enormous grounding and understanding into many of life’s issues; having worked for 20 years in the NSW Ambulance Service including clinical, educational and leadership roles.  The care of the community has been the primary focus of Brian’s career; he has served with diligence in many roles, receiving both the Australian National Medal for Service to the nation and also the NSW Ambulance Medal for diligent Service. He has also received the NSW Premiers Award for outstanding service in saving life and property during the 1994 state wide bushfires.

Brian Tucker is a voice for family values and the working class and is an advocate for protection of child sexual abuse and domestic violence. During 2014 he was involved in the Senate enquiry on Child Support, the Family Court and the House of Representatives enquiry into domestic violence. He continues to lobby the Federal Government to have the ‘Law’ included in the Royal Commission and he currently supports Abbeys project, conducted by Bravehearts into child abuse in the Family Court of Australia.

Brian has always believed that politics is a calling and not a job. The hours are long, the responsibilities vast, the pressure unrelenting and gratitude uncertain; but the reward is the privilege and honour of representing and serving the constituents of our communities, State and Nation. Brian’s goal, his dream and his passion is to claw back what we as a nation have lost to the dominant parties and to ensure we receive what we deserve. His vision is to be part of a dynamic team that has the resolve, foresight and ability to challenge the principal political parties and restore this nation as the great south land of opportunity and freedom.

Brian Tucker has the tenacity and ability to achieve results and is a confident contender for the Senate in the 2016 Federal Election.

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