Anthony Hardwick

AnthonyHardwickFirst Senate candidate for Western Australia

Born and educated in Zimbabwe and required to serve in the military as part of the national service obligation, Anthony Hardwick also witnessed the transition to independence in 1980.

After furthering his education at the University of Cape Town in South Africa, where he completed a Commerce degree, Anthony qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1983.

Before leaving South Africa, he married his lovely wife Sue 32 years ago. They are both blessed with a beautiful daughter and 3 sons who are now living in Western Australia. After marrying, Anthony and Sue moved to South West Africa where they raised their children.  During the 19 years that they lived there, the country became the independent nation of Namibia. And Anthony, who was an avid sportsman, was pleased to represent Namibia at both Squash and Cricket.

The Hardwick family immigrated to Perth in 2003. Anthony says, “It’s an amazing privilege to be able to live in, and be citizens of Australia, and we just love Perth”.

Since arriving here, he has had a successful business career as Chief Financial Officer of a number of listed, Perth based companies.

In 2014, Anthony became increasingly concerned that the Judeo-Christian values of the country were being radically undermined, by what he felt were poor decisions that parliamentarians were making. “It seemed that the interests of our beloved Australia were not their primary concern, but rather it was about keeping votes at all costs”, he said.

In April 2015 Anthony became Rise Up Australia Party State President WA, and he is determined to uphold the Australian culture, not only for his children but also for many generations to come. He believes Politicians are traditionally short term focused, worried mainly about the next election. “Australia needs a generational focus rather than compromising on short term wins”, he says.

Anthony will oppose political correctness.  He wants to see the silent majority make their voice count, to make a stand and act now to protect the future of all Australians. Also he would like to see the restoration of good moral values from the Government down.

Anthony Hardwick has a special heart for farmers, his wife’s family having been farmers in Zimbabwe. ”We in RUA Party understand the plight of farmers and believe governments need to give additional support to our farmers and also to our businesses. We encourage immigrants, including Muslims, who fully embrace our culture and laws. We believe that all who choose Australia as home must embrace our way of life. Sharia law and halal tax opposes the Australian way and our Judeo-Christian values; therefore      Sharia law and halal tax have no place in Australia,” Anthony insists.

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