Sheila Mundy

SheilaMundySecond Senate Candidate for Western Australia

Sheila Mundy was born in the west-country, England, travelling to Perth, Australia, in January 1987. “I felt like I had arrived home when we landed in Perth,” Sheila comments.

Sheila and her husband Jerry have been married for 36 years and they have 3 sons and 6 grand-children.

As a Nanny in London, Sheila experienced working with children; she progressed from there to working with an organisation which helped with hyperactive children.  In Australia she was WA State representative for ToughLove; a group that provides self-help programs for parents, struggling with unacceptable adolescent behaviour.

“I’m passionate about caring and protecting children and want to bring awareness of what is happening to some of our children in our nation, and to be a voice for those that can’t be. I desire future generations to experience the Australia that my family and I have come to know, to enjoy the freedom and safety of this Great South Land of Australia. We are so privileged to call Australia home,” Sheila says.

Sheila who has a keen interest in health and nutrition also works in that field. Her passion is to bring awareness in to the public domain of our Governments reluctance to address the problems and allergies caused by food additives, and also the issues regarding genetically modified foods that we are currently facing in our society.

For the past 29 years, Sheila has been self-employed and working as a consultant for a major health and nutrition company. This has brought her speaking engagements in Adelaide, Melbourne, Canberra and Perth as well as overseas.

Sheila Mundy has travelled extensively, visiting many counties. This has developed in her a great appreciation for her nation of Australia, and she wants to make sure the Australian culture and way of life is not eroded. Sheila is zealous about keeping Australia Australian for generations to come.

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