Neroli Mooney

NeroliMooneySecond Senate Candidate for Queensland.

Born on the Gold Coast, Neroli is the eldest of four siblings and, from hard working Australian farming lineage. She has also lived in NSW and Victoria, but decided to settle back in Queensland with her husband of 27 years to build their family business and raise their children. She is a devoted wife and dedicated mother of three. The Family feels at home with the friendly Queensland people, laidback lifestyle, sense of belonging in the community and of course – the weather! From a young age Neroli has displayed leadership characteristics.

Her voluntary contributions to society include being an active member of her local church, organising an organic food group and coaching children’s running, which she thoroughly enjoys. This takes her back to her own state level sporting accomplishments in athletics and hockey as a youth.

Neroli has a strong Christian faith, she feels she has a valuable contribution to make to the State of QLD and believes people are tired of the career politicians that don’t have Australia’s best interests at heart. She believes Rise Up Australia Party have the policies to bring Australia back on track and wants to be part of the change in the political landscape truly representing the people of her State and electorate.

Neroli Mooney joined Rise Up Australia after realising there was disturbing material being presented to school children in primary and secondary schools of a sexual nature without parental knowledge or consent. This “lit a fire in her belly” so to speak, and a decision was made to run as a senate candidate for Queensland with all the emotional stamina, vigour, passion and inner drive to be a voice for common sense and protection of children. She knows that parents are ABSOLUTELY WITHOUT DOUBT, the primary educators of their children and wants this time-honoured role to remain, rather than have the state dissolve this vital position within families. As a Registered Nurse for more than 30 years, she recognises how difficult it will be for health professionals and teachers in the future to identify signs of abuse in children, to fulfil their duty of care and meet mandatory reporting obligations if this exceedingly questionable and extremely controversial teaching is to continue within our education system.

In recent years, she understands that middle Australians have been largely overlooked, ignored and not heard. Therefore she’s eagerly stepped forward to sensibly address the concerns of the people and be an instrument for conservative values. She’s taking urgent action now to press for change and requires your support immediately.

Neroli states, “Our children are our future and their innocence must not be lost. Rise Up Australia!”.

For Voting above the line on the Senate ticket Vote 1 Rise Up Australia Party and number at least.5.more.boxes.

For Voting below the line on the Senate ticket  Vote 1 Cristian Walker and 2 Neroli Mooney under Riser Up Australia Party and number at least 10 more candidates.

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