Jan Pile

JanPileFirst Senate candidate for Northern Territory.

Jan Pile, a sixth generation Australian, was born in Kimba, South Australia in 1955, the eldest of four children. She was fortunate to grow up in the South Australian country town of Lucindale on her parent’s sheep farm.

Included amongst her ancestors that settled in Australia were devout men and women, who set sail from the Isle of White in 1836 in search of religious freedom in the new colony.

Both of Jan’s Grandfathers fought under the Australian flag in WW1. A diary belonging to her paternal grandfather, which include entries written while he was in the trenches at Gallipoli, is preserved in the National War Museum in Canberra.

When Jan was 18 she left the family farm for Adelaide where she studied to become an Art Teacher. She achieved a Diploma of Teaching in 1977, majoring in Fine Art. Jan worked 4 years, teaching in the country and then returned to Adelaide to complete her Bachelor of Education, where she majored in Painting.

In December 1981, Jan was married in the local, Lucindale Catholic Church. The couple resided in country South Australia where their first two sons were born until 1989. That year, Jan, her husband and the two small boys moved to Alice Springs, and their third son was born there. The family have been proud Territorians ever since!

While living in Alice Springs, Jan went through life changing experiences which led her into many very close relationships with the Aboriginal people living in nearby communities. She felt compelled to help relieve the sense of hopelessness and despair she had encountered in some of these communities. Jan did this by encouraging these beautiful people in their strong faith and leading Pilgrimages to places of significance to them, both in Australia and overseas. Her travels included Israel, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal and Medjugorje in Bosnia.

The year 2000 saw another move for Jan and her family. It was time to leave Alice for the Territories’ capital city Darwin, arguably Australia’s most cosmopolitan metropolis; a fascinating mixture of multi-ethnicity and the Australian Outback. .

Over the years Jan Pile has fought for the rights of the most vulnerable in our society. She protested publicly against the infamous voluntary euthanasia bill which was passed in the Northern Territory, May 1995, speaking against it on radio and in newspaper articles. The law was repealed in 1997 by the passing of a private members bill by the federal Govt which overrode the Territories euthanasia laws.   Jan has a real love and compassion for the grief stricken mothers who lose their babies during pregnancy and she is part of a team establishing a Pregnancy Problem House in Darwin.

Jan Pile believes that the Rise up Australia Party is the answer for Australia, to keep Australia Great, and in the spirit of her courageous Christian forebears, Jan will fight for the God-given rights and freedoms of all Australians, especially those in the Northern Territory, her home of 27 years.

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