Jimmy Baia Gimini

JimmyBaiaGiminiSecond Senate Candidate for The Northern Territory

Jimmy was born in Daru, Western Province, Papua New Guinea on 6/4/1964.

He grew up in a village with no running water and no electricity – which is still the case today. The village people were mostly family and Jimmy was born into a family of nine children who were raised from a very young age as Christians. It was compulsory for the village children to attend church every Sunday and the services lasted a minimum of two hours. Jimmy attended school for six years until he was twelve years of age. “I came forth in my class but as I was not in the top three I did not get accepted into high school”, he recalls. That unfortunately was the end of Jimmy’s education. He then started work to help his father support the family. Jimmy and his father did gardening; fished for crayfish, turtle, and dugong to sell at the markets. They also hunted crocodile for the skin and ate the meat.

When he was 21, he was chosen by his clan to be their leader, spokesperson and representative, replacing his grandfather who was quite old by that time. He was also involved in youth ministry, was Deputy Chairman for the Church and in due time was voted the Councillor for his village. He declined this position to move to Australia in search of a better life. Beside his Christian faith Jimmy’s only other passion was football – a legacy he has passed onto his two sons.

Jimmy Baia Gimini married in Papua New Guinea in 1984 and had four children plus a few adopted children. His wife passed away when the youngest child was three, and in 1999 he came to Australia with his second wife, a Torres Strait Islander. The couple had one son. Because he was mocked by some new family members for the way he spoke English he became motivated to learn how to read and write better and he completed a Cert II in Literacy and Numeracy in 2005.

In 2007 jimmy and his third wife, Lorraine moved to Darwin. They have one child together and also support the other five, plus (the adopted ones). Lorraine has supported and encouraged Jimmy greatly in his quest to master the English language and it has paid off, his English is much improved.

The family have lived in Darwin for nine years,Jimmy having worked as a mechanical trade’s assistant; labourer; gardener; boat fitter and maintainer and also in security and crowd control. He currently works for St Vincent De Pauls as a Support Worker/Jack of all trades. Jimmy spends most of his time working at a drop in centre for homeless people. He help the homeless with their needs –makes  phone calls to other agencies; refer people to other services; assist people to find accommodation; and  comforts  people.He has completed a Certificate IV in Occupational Health and Safety; a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and has almost completed a Certificate III in Marine Mechanics.

Jimmy is currently vice president of the PNG /Darwin Cultural Group Incorporated, and Lorraine is a committee member. This committee supports his fellow Papua New Guineans and organizes fundraising events not only for their community but for others too. They recently organised a fundraiser for the Fiji Cyclone Appeal. The couple continue to support their family in PNG, supplying them with basic daily requirements to make life in the third world a little easier for them.

Jimmy became motivated to be in politics the first time he heard Daniel Nalliah speak, and again on the few other times Daniel went to Darwin.“We are a nation built on Christian beliefs, but many people do not believe this. The ways in which Danial Nalliah spoke about the government and the church stirred my heart and made me want to stand behind him and support him. I realized that the only way I would make a difference in government was if I was on the inside”, Jimmy testifies.

Jimmy Baia Gimini is second Senate Candidate for the Northern Territory.

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