Sandie O’Connor

SandieOConnor First Senate Candidate for Australian Capital Territory

Sandie O’Connor was born in Adelaide in 1985,  moving to Canberra with her two older brothers where they were raised by their Mother.  Sandie grew up knowing the hardship of a single parent home and shares that it has helped her to have  a broad understanding and deep empathy for the struggles of the modern family.  She was raised on strong foundations of core Christian values that have encouraged her deep passion to see people to grow in every area of their lives.

At the age of 19 Sandie took custody of her three younger siblings, and bought a family home whilst continuing her studies to become qualified in children’s services. She has definitely shown great strength and durability in overcoming some extreme hardships, and her determination to go forward is evident in the way she approached life with courage and tenacity.

Amongst raising a young family and studying, Sandie juggled multiple jobs, one being with a family placement and foster care facility. In 2006 the dynamic family welcomed the fifth girl into their home.

At the age of 21 Sandie managed to work study and raise five girls on her own, showing once again her ability to sustain and bring stability in to the family’s lives. At the same time she regularly began fostering other children at risk.

In 2008 Sandie was nominated for Barnardo’s Mother of the Year and gained recognition for her achievements by winning the state’s award. Late 2008 Sandie and her family made the decision to move to Victoria for the benefits of housing size and affordability, being well aware of the struggle for affordable housing in the ACT.

While living in Victoria Sandie’s family continued to grow and they stayed actively involved as volunteers in various areas of the community, with an outreach ran by the local church, which was aimed at growing a strong connection with families and the community through the establishment of a children’s music and movement group.

In 2011 Sandie’s love for the capital saw the family return to Canberra. She is now raising 9 children as a single parent herself, again displaying a high level of integrity, strength and ability in the juggle between study and family life. Sandie is currently working towards a qualification in Human Nutrition heading towards antenatal and postnatal female health care education, and starting the process of establishing a children’s group for an outreach program within Canberra.

This is just another way Sandie displays her commitment to families and the community. She continues to demonstrate her ability to carry that Hat for the nation, standing strong on her foundations and what she believes to be true, right, good and safe in keeping Australia Great.

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