Darwin RUAP campaign meetings turn into Reconciliation with Indigenous Australians / Melbourne Western Suburbs campaign meeting with Lord Monckton on 22nd March

Indigenous and non-Indigenous people unite after reconciliationDear fellow Australians,RUAP Campaign meeting Darwin (2)

1) Last weekend in Darwin, RUAP National President Daniel Nalliah, along with a team, spoke at RUAP campaign meetings, which were very well attended.

Click the following links to listen to a local radio station interview and to read one of the newspaper articles in NT.



The real highlight of the weekend was on Monday night, which was scheduled as a campaign meeting mainly focused on spending time with the Indigenous people of Australia, but something amazing happened.

Indigenous people embrace RUAPReconciliation (3)In his speech at the National Press Club at the RUAP National Campaign Launch in Canberra last month,  National President Daniel Nalliah stated, “the Indigenous people are very spiritual and that providing only their physical needs would not fix their problems. RUAP has the answer to meet their spirituals needs too.”

Well, that’s exactly what happened in Darwin.

Almost half the crowd gathered on Monday night were Indigenous people. After Daniel spoke he invited them to the front, which was quite unexpected, as it was a RUA Party meeting. Then he invoked a blessing over these Indigenous people, who we had never met before. They responded very well and many of them started weeping. One lady stated, “You are the answer, we have been praying and waiting for this day.”

Then he led the Indigenous people in a short invocation as they all repeated after him, “God we thank you for our land, it belongs to you. You have asked us as the First People to look after this land. We welcome all those who have come into this land. Thank you God for bringing them into our land.”

Then he called all the non-Indigenous people out and led them to pray, “God we thank you for bringing us to this land. We thank the First People for well coming us. We ask forgiveness for the wrong things done to them by our fore-fathers. Please forgive us as we stand in the gap. We love you very much.”

At this point Indigenous and non-Indigenous people were weeping. Then he turned to the Indigenous people and they prayed,  “We forgive you and we love you too. Forgive us if we have done anything wrong too, thank you for bringing the Word of God to us.”

The rest was history making as all came together, started hugging each other and weeping on each other’s shoulders.

Then the Indigenous people all surrounded Daniel and RUAP team to invoke a blessing for them.

Mr Nalliah stated, “This was surely a day of history making. Many people in Darwin told me that nothing like this has ever happened before in Darwin. I thank God, for I believe that this is a new day and that our Indigenous brothers and sisters are going to Rise Up together with us to protect Australia and Keep it Australian.”

2) For those of you in the Melbourne area, Lord Monckton & RUAP National President Daniel Nalliah will speaking at a RUAP Western Suburbs Campaign Meeting at 10:30am Friday 22nd March at Wyndham Park Community Centre at 55-57 Kookaburra Ave in Werribee, Victoria.

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  1. Admin
    March 28, 2013 at 12:38 pm ·

    Thank God for such a prayer being made. I pray that ripples right throughout Australia`s indigenous people. They have their ways of communicating and words do travel. I pray this prayer travels.


  2. Kay
    March 18, 2013 at 9:49 am ·

    How wonderful this must have been to see indigenous and non-indigenous people hugging each other in the name of Jesus.

    Blessings aplenty to you all, may this be just the beginning of a great future! I heard Tony Abbott tonight speaking in Sydney what things will be done for the indigenous people of Australia if he becomes Prime Minister.

  3. Phillip
    March 15, 2013 at 11:59 am ·

    Past precedent suggests that handled appropriately, the anti-multiculturalism could result in a landslide. I am not saying much, because I will only make a fool of myself. Quite obviously, there are going to need to be remarkable events on the political scene. The raw materials for such events do exist.

    Our Constitution implicitly bans Islam if Islam gets its existence from any form of governmental recognition or assistance. (The same would apply to any other violent or divisive religious sect, especially aberrations of Judeo-Christianity – of which Islam is one example!). Religious apartheid, religious supremacism, religion that is not true religion but is a war-lord’s concoction of convenience, breaks Australian legal code. The Koran etc., as is, arguably could be banned under civil law. Anyone found advocating its more divisive, inhumane teachings could arguably be stripped of citizenship. A deceptive, expansionist war-lord mentality is in direct conflict with every Australian principle of Law.

    Are you meant to attack this mosque from the top as well as the bottom?

    Local government will eventually come alongside, especially if given clear legal guidelines. As it stands at present, if one Council bars a mosque, the builders may go elsewhere. As the head of this nation, what policy is to be applied to set all Councils free of this absurdity?

    While we are at it, what practical steps are to be taken to end all muslim immigration, legal and illegal? I have lived in a country town. Boats are another world.

    Good work so far RUA, there is grace and wisdom. Are the people out there waiting on systematic policy statements reassuring them that there is a moral and legal way forward, with retrospective powers such as modification of mosques and restoration of Western Democratic Rights? Is the way you handle the Doveton Mosque to be a pilot case? At Law, building a mosque is possibly illegal. Only ‘political correctness’ has blinded people as to their legal rights. You certainly have the capacity to mount a legal case – without necessarily hiring expensive lawyers. At the same time you have the capacity to mount a total case, from the top down. People out there will be looking for broad, workable policy. Not many have lived in Arabia.

    You are probably ready to tell me to shut up on this but within a few weeks I should have the final word on Origins at least to e-book capacity. A lawyer could take that which modern science has now provided and make a laughing stock of world views antagonistic to Judeo-Christianity and our Constitution. Because these developments in science impinge upon education and government policy (e.g., climate) Islam becomes even more constitutionally illegal. Either the Koran is a religio-political concoction of convenience for a Bedouin warlord, or modern science is a fraud. If we are to have modern education, we cannot have (fanatical) Islam. If we are to have constitutional rights, we cannot have Islam. And Islam perpetuates itself in part via mosques. The moral and technical sovereignty of the Christian world view in so far as it stems from the Scriptures, has suddenly become incontestable – in a law court, a class room, or a laboratory. As you know, it was given to me to document this and see it coming (and it came in an avalanche) so I comprehend in some small way the complete logic of a man of God standing up and giving guidance to the Western world at this moment in history. This same man of God happens to have kept himself untainted from the silly little nonsenses that have accompanied the Origins Controversy.

    You will tell me to shut up now – I know Pr. D. advised me that he has a logo. Was he given the logo as part of a Higher directive? Forgive me, I have experimented again with the continent as RUAP with the tips perhaps as flames or perhaps arrows(?). Very rudimentary and not artistic but the idea is there. Can be done, presumably by an artist. See bottom of main page @ http://www.australiariseup.com


  4. Shirley
    March 15, 2013 at 11:58 am ·

    Thank-you for sending me the news of RUA although I work in China you are very much in my heart.
    Here I sit in Nanjing, weeping, after reading about the impact of pastor Daniel message in Darwin. Our God
    will surely have the final say in Australia. I will continue to uphold you all as you spread the good news.
    Sister Shirley (teacher at Nanjing Medical university(from Brisbane)

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