Lin Tregenza

LinTregenzaHouse of Representatives Candidate for Dunkley, VIC

Lin Tregenza is Victorian by birth from Irish heritage, she shared her childhood with 2 other siblings, attended a catholic primary school and secondary college in the Melbourne bay side suburbs of Aspendale and Mentone. Lyn struggled at times in her secondary school years; in year 8, she was told that she was ‘dumb’ by a well-meaning class teacher. This had a great effect on her ability to learn and as a result of believing what her teacher said; she failed her V.C.E. equivalent, twice! Lin however, fought back, at about 30 years of age she began mixing with a supportive group of people in her church who encouraged her to believe in herself. She decided to follow a dream; she applied and entered university for studies via mature age entry, getting credits, distinctions and high distinctions; she has been teaching in primary schools now for 25 years.  Lin says, “If I can do it, anybody can! Regardless of disabilities and in the right environment, all can reach their full potential! Every person has value, purpose and untapped gifts, that with encouragement can blossom, even to the astonishment of those around them.”

During her twenties and beyond Lin had low self esteem, little confidence and regarded herself to be “hopeless at relationships”. She soon found herself the mother of two beautiful babies but was left to raise her children alone. Lin married Rob Tregenza in 2003 and is now both a mother and a grandmother. Through watching the life of her eldest grandchild, Lin has observed the everyday challenges faced by the young people in our society. “I raised my children as a single parent and know first-hand the challenges faced by those who struggle financially in our community” she States

As the co-owner of a small hobby farm, Lin says she can imagine the endless amount of work faced by farmer’s everyday in looking after stock and produce. She can understand the sacrifices made due to the costs of feeding animals especially in a drought!                                                               Lyn can empathise with the unemployed and believes in encouraging them to continue to look for work, or use their talents to begin their own small businesses! She is thrilled to live in a working community and see people go to work every day, whether they are white or blue collar workers, labourers or tradespersons!   “It is great to see the prosperity of our nation with the expansion of housing and the thriving local businesses which we need to build the economy and run our country responsibly” Lin states. “We need to run the nation as if it were our own household, within our means, staying out of debt”.   Lin believes, Community based and Church ran food banks, self help and friendship groups are essential in helping the lonely, discouraged and even homeless in our society. She supports the blue ribbon foundation, and values their support of worthwhile community projects within Victoria; she also respects our law enforcement agencies and believes that we need to support our police in the difficult work they do.

As a teacher Lin knows the difficulties that small schools with limited resources face in teaching young children. She believes that children should be taught from a young age how to handle money, about banking and the hidden traps in being unprepared going into the workforce. She believes that budgeting should be taught in all schools.                                                                                 Lin Tregenza is very much a community minded person; this is why she decided to stand as a candidate for rise Up Australia Party in this coming election.

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