Tracey Bell-Henselin

TraceyBell-HenselinHouse of Representatives Candidate for Fisher, QLD

Tracey Bell-Henselin was born 1971, in the NSW to a hard working family and has lived in several states before settling in QLD. She has a heart for the families of Australia. Especially the one parent families of which, she was one for a number of years

The 45 year old started her career in marketing and business in Rural NSW, she is not shy of getting her hands dirty and getting the job done having worked on properties, and having a heart for the farmers and producers of this great Nation.

Tracey raised her 3 children by herself while maintaining her career in the Wollongong Community services, department of Child Protection; at the same time combining all of this with her own business.

Tracey has now settled with her husband Paul in the highly promoted, best part of Australia, the Sunshine Coast. Together Tracey and Paul have 2 businesses, grown out of their skills, and set with a love of people and community.  At one time, Tracey worked as State Manager of Destiny Rescue travelling across Australia Asia and Fiji, impacting communities, building children’s homes and restoring children from the sex trafficking industry. She directed a community drug action team standing against the destruction of which drug use in the community brings. Tracey is committed to building safe Communities and protecting the family unit, she does a huge amount of Community work on the coast and Hinterland. Tracey has an entrepreneurial vision of creative business and loves to inspire the youth and mentor women from all walks of life, involving many diverse situations.

Tracey has been a member of Rise Up Australia Party since 2013, calling for Australian values, constitutional law, and working together to maintain a united nation under the Australian flag, the one our forefathers fought for.

Tracey Bell-Henselin stands for the heart and truth of the people; she is honoured and very pleased to have been endorsed by Rise Up Australia Party for the Qld Seat of Fisher, on the Sunshine Coast, beautiful ‘Sunny QLD’.

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