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YvonneGentleHouse of Representatives Candidate for Flinders, VIC

Yvonne Gentle is a 5th generation Australian, born in Brighton Victoria to hard working, middle class parents from pioneer ancestry, she lived her younger years in Glen Waverley, attending Glen Waverley Primary School and Glen Waverley Secondary College. After marrying at 19 she moved to country Victoria, where she and her husband ran their own pharmacy until the mid-1980s when their marriage broke up, they then moved back to suburbia with their 4 children. Yvonne bought a portable home in a local Frankston mobile home park and she and the children lived there before she married her childhood sweetheart, Jim Gentle.  Gaining one more child, the family unit swelled to 7 and by 1989, having out grown the mobile home they settled in Langwarrin.  Around that time Yvonne started working for an Australian owned business, Jalna Dairy Foods, as a Company Rep. Yvonne served diligently with the company for 26 years and has only just retired from her vocation in May this year, having received the ‘golden handshake’, so to speak. Since 1988 Yvonne and her husband Jim had also run their own business which in 2000 they converted to a PTY LTD Building company which Yvonne ran from home.

During the ‘90s Yvonne accepted an appointment as a board member at Bayside Christian College where her children attended school; she became a member of 3RPP, a local Radio Station and still hosts a program on Sunday evenings; in 1998 she founded and coordinated SouthCare Community Care, a church ran Philanthropic incorporation in the Frankston area, that cared for the needs of the community, liaising with community organisation such as Centrelink, Legal aid, the Salvos and other groups. Yvonne has been a fundraiser since the age of 8, door knocking for hospitals and other charities. In her first year of high school she collected more money for charity than the rest of the school collectively. The most major fund raising project she has been involved in was when the SouthCare organisation renovated and sold a house under her direction to raise money for the charity; this resulted in the Project becoming the centre of attention for a Hot Properties TV program.

From 2003 to 2005 Yvonne and her husband were building their own home on acreage in the electorate of Flinders, and running their building company from there at the same time. In 2008, the children having left home, they decided to spend more time travelling, visiting and revisiting around 30 countries over the last 8 years. Yvonne has always had a great love for Australia and while abroad seizes every opportunity to promote her beloved nation; this has resulted in her having contacts in many countries.

Yvonne’s husband has at this time, retired from the Building Industry and both Yvonne and Jim have found a common interest in using their property to produce honey. Yvonne has a great respect and fascination for the ingenuity of the honey bee and a keen interest in natural medicine and healthy eating. She believes natural honey falls into both these categories. For this reason she is happy to devote what spare time she has assisting her husband Jim in his apiarist activities, producing and promoting their bush honey.

Yvonne Gentle has recently accepted the role of National Secretary for Rise Up Australia Party, a position which she is honoured to have been offered and a job that has become her full time profession. As well as her secretarial duties she has also been involved in writing much of the recent policies, a task in which she thrives. In essence Yvonne is multi tasked enjoying everything she does, believing that you can do whatever you set your mind to achieve. Most of all she is passionate about Rise Up Australia Party and its policies and principals, especially those on national security, boarder protection, Judeo Christian values, farming and Australian ownership of land and infrastructure. This is her motivation for putting her hand up to be a candidate for the semi rural Electorate of Flinders in which she lives; Yvonne has a zealous ambition to be instrumental in governmental reform, implementing truthfulness, trust and accountability into government.

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