Vincent Ferrando

VincentFerrandoHouse of Representatives Candidate for Indi, VIC

Vincent is proudly multi-ethnic with Maltese, Spanish, English, Italian & Hebrew heritages but 100% Australian. Vincent was raised with a faith, but through his childhood and teenage and early adult years which were marked with abuse as well as troubling choices and relationships, he became a sceptic.

Vincent became a train builder by trade and also worked with his father who was a builder.  He developed a heart for troubled kids, assisting them through a fishing club as well as in martial arts (his own project). He believed this taught them discipline and kept them off the streets.

Finding himself homeless at one stage for several months, an intense loneliness came over him.  At that time, out of desperation he called out to G-d, what followed took him by surprise; he experienced a supernatural encounter which proved to him the existence of God. He was so tired out by his experience that he had to take time out, sleep and rest; it was the most refreshing time he had ever experienced. This changed his thinking and turned his life around; it gave him the determination and encouragement he needed to keep on keeping on.

Vincent then connected back into the community and focused on troubled young people. He found he had a desire to learn more and an increased understanding and wisdom he hadn’t previously desired or known, having the inclination and also the ability to read for the first time, books well beyond his level of education. This motivated Vincent and inspired him to encourage others to live and seek better lives.

Even though Vincent contracted the Ross River Virus, he continued to help street kids and prostitutes; literally supplying them with something to eat, encouragement and hope. He saw some of them come out of their lifestyle of hopelessness with a heart of compassion and service for others, several deciding to further their education. He had the satisfaction of learning that some of these people had studied hard and gained accreditations for their efforts.

Vincent recently married a lovely lady from Indonesia who is in Australia on a spouse visa. Both of them are animal lovers, they have two pet dogs, their ‘children’, and together they are working their 60 acre farm east of Seymour.

Vincent joined Rise Up Australia Party because he sees that our nation is in trouble and he wants to see Australians healed and grow from strength to strength.

Vincent believes Rise Up Australia Party is a party that has the foresight and vision to take his passion to a more significant level and ‘keep Australia Great’ for the future.

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