John Kelly

JohnKelly House of Representatives Candidate for Leichhardt, QLD

John Kelly was born in Cairns a few years after the 2nd  world war. He was brought up a dinki di Aussie in hard working family, working with Aboriginals; he knows how they think and believes if he is elected, he will be able to help them to learn how to live healthier more productive and happier lives. It will not happen overnight but he will do his “darnedest” to make positive inroads in to their communities. If The people of Leichhardt vote for Rise Up Australia Party we will work to stop the Government selling off Australia to foreign consortiums so as to retain Australian ownership of land and infrastructure.

If foreign companies come to buy land in Australia, to operate and grow businesses they can lease it and pay a fair price to the Government for the facilities they use. Not a tax, but a fee for the use of infrastructure and services that has been provided to them by the Australian tax payer.

John believes that Muslims immigration into Australia should holt. “The Islamic movement has stopped our children from singing the National Anthem at schools and they have tried to take away the celebration of Christmas in shopping centres and other places” he declares. “They are in our country at our extension of good will, not to come in and tell us how to live; If you vote for Rise Up Australia Party and we win seats in QLD including Leichhardt, there will be big changes in this State over the next four years”.

John Kelly also plans to lobby for and investigate what can be done for the Graziers and the Agricultural Sector.

If you need information on how voting has changed an how you should vote, view the Rise up Australia Party article on Voting on the front page of the website.

Please review John Kelly’s thoughts, and look out for him in Leichhardt coming up to this Federal election.

Connect with John:  

Call on 0447791140

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