Taffy Samuriwo-Vuntarde

TaffyVuntardeHouse of Representatives Candidate for Pearce, WA

Taffy Samuriwo-Vuntarde was born in Zimbabwe in 1980. In 2000 she left her homeland to study in the USA.  She met her husband there and they married in 2004. After three years they both migrated to Perth as skilled workers through a program that allows for the immigration of those possessing certain skills. They are very happy to have two children, both born in Australia.

In 2007 Taffy completed her studies in Financial Services (Banking) and Business Management in Perth and became an Australian citizen in 2009.  She has had a varied career in administration having worked for insurance companies, banks and other financial institutions as well as a non-profit organization. She is currently studying to be a registered Counselor/Family Therapist with a Nationally Accredited Christian Institute known as Australian Institute Of Family Counseling (AIFC). Taffy is also currently doing volunteer work as an administrator/pastoral care worker for a church organization.

Her passion is to strengthen women’s economic security including women in the  workforce by ensuring that women and their children are safe from violence. Taffy has a great appreciation for her nation Australia. She is very passionate to ‘Keep Australia Great’. She says, “immigrants should fully embrace the laws and culture of this great nation”.

Taffy Samuriwo-Vuntarde is standing for Rise Up Australia Party in Electorate of Pearce.

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