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Tony Abbott on embassy: ‘I don’t see why we shouldn’t follow the Americans’ Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott is renewing his push for Australia to move its embassy to Jerusalem.

Promises Vs. Actions

Promises Vs. Actions: All the Times Presidents Promised to Move the US Embassy to Jerusalem Clinton, Bush, Obama, and Trump all made promises to Israel. Trump was the only one that delivered. Posted by IJR Red Presents on Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Trump’s embassy opening in Jerusalem is a warm embrace for Israel but a strategic blow for Palestinian hopes RUAP support’s the right for Israel to choose Jerusalem as its capital. Well done President Trump for moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem. It is time for Australia and other nations do the same.

Trump: My Administration Has Spoken Against Persecution Of People Of Faith

Hannity: Don’t be fooled by the tactics of the left

Mike Pence Reveals President Trump Routinely Requests Prayer at Meetings

A Politically in-correct President who is bold to declare his Christian faith and ask for prayer. May God Bless You. Rise Up Australia and Keep Australia Great.

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