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Say NO to Same Sex Marriage

Australia Say NO to Same Sex Marriage!

Rise up Australia Party has joined the NO campaign against Same Sex Marriage and takes up the banner to say YES for Traditional Marriage.

At present we still live in a free society and Australians are permitted to express their views and live the way they please as long as it is within Australian Law.

The Dual citizenship debacle is a disgrace!

Just recently we heard about the two Greens senators who were compelled to resign their office in the Senate (Scott Ludlam and Larissa Waters (1) and then there is also the Liberal senator Matt Sanavan, who resigned his Cabinet portfolio and referred his case to the high Court. ~ ~ In fact, we were told by the ‘Sydney Morning Herald’ news source (July 19th, 2017), there are more than 20 (2) other MPs currently serving in the Australian Parliament who were born overseas and have not released their citizenship renunciation documents to the public. Now this might seem like ‘no big deal’, however if our MPs want to take on the job of representing the public, being the people’s conscience and voice, they need to be transparent, and they need to dot every ‘I’ and cross every ’T’, for they have taken up a high calling, a position of great authority. (more…)



Click Here to view the list of Islamic Terror Attacks.


Senate Candidates from the 2016 Federal Election

Daniel Nalliah
First Senate Candidate for VIC
Rosalie Crestani
Second Senate Candidate for VIC
Brian Tucker
First Senate Candidate for NSW
Maree Nichols
Second Senate Candidate for NSW
Anthony Hardwick
First Senate Candidate for WA
Sheila Mundy
Second Senate Candidate for WA
Paul Taylor
First Senate Candidate for QLD
Neroli Mooney
Second Senate Candidate for QLD
Jan Pile
First Senate Candidate for NT
Jimmy Baia Gimini
Second Senate Candidate for NT
Sandie O’Connor
First Senate Candidate for ACT

Click here to view our Lower House Candidates from the 2016 Federal Election

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