A Rise Up Australia Party member asks a very pertinent Question – Read this letter!

A concerned RUAP member sent this letter dated 23-04-2017. We received it on the 01-05-2017.

Our member’s concern is: What is the agenda off some of our large cooperation in supporting minority groups that would total less than 5% of our population (LGBT) and who appear to be forcing their ideas on the 95% of our population?

To Rise Up Australia Party.

As we know, …….. we need great wisdom ……….. as all these things happen around us.  ……….  Some of Australia’s biggest companies- Quantas, Airbnb, A.N.Z Bank, Google, Fairfax media and Foxtel have upped the ante in the crusades for marriage equality. They are giving their employees a specially designed black acceptance ring to wear until the same sex marriage is legalized.

The ring does not quite meet to symbolize the inequality of not allowing same sex couples to marry. Other bullies are- Price Waterhouse, Coopers and Telstra.

Marriage Alliance spokeswoman, Sophia York, who is opposed to same sex marriage, questioned whether people who opted not to wear their acceptance ring would be called upon to explain their decision.

Almost every day, marriage alliance hears from employees who have come under pressure at work to participate in an activity or donate funds to support the push to re-define marriage. Ms. York said; “now we see the big corporates giving away free jewellery to those who take the pledge while providing an easy way to identify those who disagree with them and their company agenda”.

Yours Sincerely,

J.C.  Victoria.

J.C ads: Does this remind us of something?  –  Yellow stars of David that people were forced to wear before World War 1. People will not be able to get a job in many companies soon if

they do not adhere to same sex marriage and rainbow theology.


Are we ready for this?

LGBT Taking to the streets in New York

By Krystin ArnesonFebruary 4, 2017 7:33 pm

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