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Birthday Bash to Raise funds for drought-stricken Farmers!

As you are aware, country people have been finding it tough battling droughts and fires! Coming up is one of the most difficult times of the year for families on the land. Yes! Summer is approaching and with it will come souring temperatures, water shortages and minimal rain if any in some parts of the…

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Where is the trust? Has Australia Lost Hope?

It is known around the world that Australia has had many (seven) Prime Ministers in the past ten years. That is incredible since one ministerial term is three years.  Logically, one would assume that for the Australian public to have had seven prime ministers, there would have been seven elections spanned over a time period…

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There are big changes in Poland – But should this matter to us?

His Excellency, The Polish President Mr Andrzej Duda and his wife Mrs Agata Kornhauser-Duda, slipped into Australia largely unannounced on the 17th of August, last week and left on 21st of August. I find this rather surprising. Considering his presence in the USA recently, was met with considerable pomp and ceremony, yet we hear almost…

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Safe Schools Policy

Policy 18th of August 2018 Safe Schools Program – Victoria Rise Up Australia Party Says NO! to the Safe Schools Program (SSP) as is currently endorsed and funded by the Victorian, Andrews Labor Government. We consider that the current program is dangerous to the majority of school age children; causing gender confusion, psychological, social and…

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On The Road Again!

Rise Up Australia Party is preparing to campaign for the Victorian State Elections with a ‘new look’ banner and a sound common sense message. The Vic. State Elections will be held on the 24th of November this year and RUAP will be running candidates as INDEPENDENTS for the Party. Our Number 1 Policy for the…

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Sharia Law is in Australia – without a doubt!

If you think it is not happening here, take a look at this video link and think again! Then we should seriously consider asking ourselves a few questions. Who makes the laws in this nation? Should any community be exempt from Australian law if they live in Australia? Is all Australia a democracy, or just…

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Entebbe Commando Rami

Entebbe Commando Rami from IDF meets Daniel. Daniel Nalliah stated, “I was so privileged to meet this man in my office and shake his hand. This guy is a true hero”. This is one of the men who rescued the hostages in 1976 from Entebbe airport in Uganda. (There is a great movie produced by…

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Don’t become like the Brits!

Dear Valued Members, It seems that the nations around the world are losing their rights to Freedom of Speech! Below is a link to an excellent 8-minute video clip on the wrongful treatment and imprisonment of Tommy Robinson in the ‘Un-United Kingdom’ Australia’s so called, ‘Motherland’ # Free TommyRobinson: Over 400,000 Sign Petition Demanding Release…

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A Special Message from RUAP

I am writing to you as a valued member of Rise Up Australia Party. Every year at the end of May we send out letters asking Members to renew their Membership Support. Last year we made some amendments to our membership status as members become confused if they had not paid their twelve-monthly renewal fee,…

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Tony Abbott on embassy: ‘I don’t see why we shouldn’t follow the Americans’ Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott is renewing his push for Australia to move its embassy to Jerusalem.

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