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Jan Pile: Lead Northern Territory Senate Candidate for Rise Up Australia Party – 2019

Jan Pile a sixth generation Australian, was born in Kimba, South Australia in 1955, the eldest of four children. She was fortunate to grow up in the South Australian country town of Lucindale on her parent’s sheep farm. Included amongst her ancestors that settled in Australia, were devout men and women who set sail from the Isle of White…

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Australia has the resources to solve our Energy Crisis, but the Powers That Be won’t move on it.

It is said that we are paying the highest electricity prices in the world but it is not the cost of producing the power that is causing the elevated prices we pay; power is not just getting more expensive as the cost of living goes up, but instead it is the largest denominator in our…

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The First People of the Land – Do they really want to change Australia Day?

Jacinta is an Indigenous Alice Springs Town Councillor – This is her story This powerful message told by aboriginal Jacinta Nampijinpa Price and written to ‘change the date’ activists, was supplied by Moira Kirkwood <>  Not once! Not one time have I seen The Greens or Labor speak out, not once have I seen you…

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Reformation Harvest Fire Ministries Partners With Rise Up Australia Party

What has happened to Pauline Hanson?

What are you on about Pauline? You were once a household name in our home, we admired you for your Aussie stand, for your tenacity, your foresight and your great love of Australia and Australians.


Just imagine you’re working away at your home office computer, happy in the thought you have avoided the wasted hours and fuel costs of a car in traffic on the way to the office, you have achieved the right home life-work balance, enjoying the intermittent and present company of your beloved family.  Then … all…

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Transgenderism of children

I found this story from the CultureWatch website hard to digest! “What this school is teaching 8-year-olds in “Sex-Ed” class will make you see red! LGBT activists are preying on our youth. They’re indoctrinating a generation with their radical “infinite gender” propaganda. And this school just crossed the line pushing this crazy propaganda on its…

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Dear Friends, Thank God for this amazing season, as we remember the birth of our Lord and Saviour Jesus. In the past few days, I have been reading Isaiah 9:6-7: “6 For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name…

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Why Rise Up Australia Party (RUAP) opposes Multiculturalism

Many people may think that in opposing Multiculturalism we are against immigration of people from diverse ethnic backgrounds and third world nations. This is simply not the case! RUAP welcomes Multi Ethnicities from around the world. However, we do stipulate that all migrants who wish to call Australia home integrate into Australian society and respect…

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Reminder for the Victorian State Election

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