BATMAN By Election

To Whom It May Concern,

My Name is Yvonne Gentle. I am running for Rise Up Australia Party in the Batman By Election.

We hear plenty about the Labor party and the Greens for this Election but very little is mentioned to do with Conservative voters in the Electorate. Because the Liberal Party is not running there is about a 25% void to fill – don’t you think people might like to know who their choices are.

I was told by a news source that there was a forum held in the Electorate last Tuesday evening. I along with other conservative candidates were not invited because our party policy did not agree with Labour and greens on Climate Change/ Global Warming. This is NOT DEMOCRATIC. Besides, isn’t a forum about meeting the candidates to hear their views? How socialistic, when organisers deem who’s views are acceptable, Australia is credited with freedom of speech, but this certainly wasn’t on the Agenda last Tuesday night. How boring attending a forum where everyone is in fierce agreement.

Rise Up Australia Party is a middle of the road, conservative Party that believes all Australians should have the right to freedom of Thought, Speech and Religion, and that they should be the Benefactors of their own hard work.

Please take the time to view the important issues addressed in these attachments.

Thank you,

Yvonne Gentle
Rise Up Australia Party
Candidate for Batman


News Release – Bail In

News Release – Adani

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