Batman Electorate

Batman By election.

How the Day went:

The temperature was forecast for 35 degrees: But many of the team prayed that God would turn down the thermostat. Well, that is just what He did. My car temperature gauge was on 26 for most of the day and the sky displayed a light grey cloud covering, protecting us from the full blast of the sun. 🌞
The day started at 6am organising some of the people in the polling booths and taking material to them and also encouraging our hard working team by visiting with some refreshments.
As it happens I have never towed a trailer in my life and did not plan on traveling from polling booth to polling booth with a trailer in tow. But you need to be always ready for the unexpected in the political business. There was an electrical problem with the car that was set for the job which left my car or no car. Seeing we had painted the trailer especially and we were all fired up with red and black to go, I said, “l’ll do it”!
All was going well as I was moving around. Everything was ‘too easy’, and then I came to a rather narrow section of road right in front of a polling area; a car came towards me and was reluctant to pass. It was a stand off for about 30 seconds, I realised they were standing their ground, which meant, OH NO! I had to back the trailer into a car parking spot.
Well here I was with advertising all over the car and trailer; everybody knew who I was, and trying to back a trailer for the first time. After a few attempts I managed to park it. Everybody clapped. That was encouraging!! Then the AEC guy came out and blasted me for having the car there. He obviously did not realise what had happened, that it was the only place I could go to clear the thoroughfare. I guess someone thought to dob me in …. just in case I planned to stay!!.
But that’s politics for you.
I wonder who would do that??🤔Yvonne


Yvonne talks with Febie Daniel who stayed on her own all day at this booth

Samson Febie’s husband, was also there all day staying at a polling booth behind La Trobe Uni.

Yvonne chatting with Australian Conservatives, ALA and Rise Up Australia’s Colin V…., who was doing a great job until his Box of HTVs mysteriously disappeared.

Colin and Yvonne

Catching up with Patricia Tan ‘egged’ on By Yvonne’s daughter in law- to be. Patricia was also there all day.

Above: We have Rantish who shut up shop no earlier than 6pm. Rantish was a great encouragement to those around him and finished of the day by praying for a fellow polling person who was in need of being encouraged.

We finished up the day at Yvonne’s son Jason’s polling location. The ABC news was filming end of day news and one of the reporters was kind enough to pose for this photo for us. It was a great day. 👍


Daniel Nalliah, Rise Up Australia Party president, Rosalie Crestani, Campaign Manager, … who also manned a polling booth until 6pm, and myself, are very proud of our dedicated team members who put in long hours not only on Saturday but also for the preceding weeks of pre-polling. I would like to especially thank those who travelled long distances, ie. Hastings, Geelong, Cape Patterson, Tocumwal, and Albury to support and be part of our team.

God Bless,
Yvonne Gentle

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