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Yvonne For Batman

Hi concerned citizens of our great Nation Australia We are putting out this link because I (Yvonne Gentle) am running in the Electorate of Batman. I’m standing up against injustices such as mentioned in this short video. Please help me by sharing this on your Facebooks, Twitter, etc. I don’t know who and where this…

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Rise Up Australia Party Candidate

BATMAN By Election

To Whom It May Concern, My Name is Yvonne Gentle. I am running for Rise Up Australia Party in the Batman By Election. We hear plenty about the Labor party and the Greens for this Election but very little is mentioned to do with Conservative voters in the Electorate. Because the Liberal Party is not…

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‘Campaign Trail’

Yvonne Gentle, Candidate for Rise Up Australia Party (RUAP) was on the ‘Campaign Trail’ this week in the Electorate of Batman, Melbourne.

News Release

Rise Up Australia Party (The Christian Conservative Patriotic Voice) will be running in our second by-election in 4 months. We have run candidates across Australia in elections since 2013; included the two federal elections and selected state elections. Every election is a challenge as we endeavour to present truths to the Australian people and major…

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Rise Up Australia Party – Victoria

Rise Up Australia Party – Victoria invites you to a great night of good old-fashioned fun!  YES, it is a FUND RAISER! but it is an affordable fundraiser. Please come and meet the RUAP Team.  All the details are on the brochure so please read it …… and Bookings are essential.


Recently Same Sex Marriage laws were passed in Australia and no amendments were accepted to protect religious freedom of belief, thought or conscience. However, the Government has set up a panel on religious freedom and has invited concerned parties to send in their submissions. The document herewith is the submission submitted by Rise Up Australia…

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Australia Day

Dear Valued members, Rise up Australia party is very excited to be celebrating Australia Day this coming weekend. We Join forces with many organisations around the nation who are proud to be Australians, who pay tribute to what we have become today, and who celebrate the freedoms and other benefits we all enjoy in this…

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RUAP President Rev Dr Daniel Nilliah – Australia Day message

Oprah’s solution to racism; Old white people “just have to die”.

Wow !! This will shock you. Oprah's solution to racism; Old white people "just have to die".What a horribly divisive message. Posted by Paul Joseph Watson on Monday, 8 January 2018

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