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RUAP President Rev Dr Daniel Nilliah – Australia Day message

Oprah’s solution to racism; Old white people “just have to die”.

Wow !! This will shock you. Oprah's solution to racism; Old white people "just have to die".What a horribly divisive message. Posted by Paul Joseph Watson on Monday, 8 January 2018

Should we change Australia Day ?? RUAP say’s NO.

Rise Up Australia and Keep Australia Great. "Don’t change Australia Day": Jacinta Price "Don’t change Australia Day just because people claim to be offended." Jacinta Nampijinpa Price explains why she wants to keep celebrating on January 26 #TheDrum Posted by ABC The Drum on Tuesday, 9 January 2018

If you are a true Muslim. You cannot be a good Muslim.

Islam is not a religion of peace. But there are many good Muslim people. Who do not practice the koran. If you are a true Muslim. You cannot be a good Muslim. Rise Up Australia and Keep Australia Great. Islam has never been a religion of peace. Ever. Posted by The Fuel Project on Monday,…

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Christmas and New Year Greetings

Dear Members and Friends, Once more the year is drawing to a close,and for some reason it seems to have been a faster year than ever.  We hope you have had a year of victory, rising above the challenges which make us stronger and wiser and encourages us as we learn more about ourselves and…

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Dr Daniel Nalliah’s Christmas Message

Please click the video below to watch Dr Daniel Nalliah’s Christmas Message

New England By-election

It was much work putting up signs on the morning of Sat 2nd of December. Then manning polling booths for the rest of the day. After polling had finished I had to then go and find all the sign I had put up. I may have missed one- I am very sorry about that. At…

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NEW ENGLAND NSW – Donald Cranney

Why should Rise Up Australia Party run a Candidate for the New England by-election?

The short answer is: We found a passionate, down to earth man in Donald Cranney, who is prepared to work hard to MAKE FARMING GREAT AGAIN in this country. Donald, who owns two farming properties, recalls the days when his beloved homestead was the hive of activity. Today it remains empty and in need of…

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It was disappointing last week to receive the news that the Australian people who voted  in the survey on whether we should change the definition of marriage, supported the inclusion of SSM into the laws that define marriage. Our members may be saddened  and feel disheartened by this result as was our initial reaction; however…

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