Diggers challenge Aussies to ‘Rise Up’ – Rise Up Australia Party Campaign Meetings / Amazing Speech by Digger a must watch

Diggers Rise Up at RUAP Campaign Rally at Victorian Parliament in MelbourneDear Friends,Diggers Rise Up with RUAP President & 1 Senate Candidate Daniel Nalliah , # 2 Senate Candidate Rosalie Crestani & others

On Sunday night at the CTFM hall in Hallam and then on Monday midday at the steps of the Victorian State Parliament in Melbourne at the Rise Up Australia Party Campaign Meetings, three Diggers spoke of their experiences and challenged all Aussies to ‘Rise Up’ and take a stand for their nation.

The three Diggers who had served in Vietnam, Iraq , East Timor & Australia were well received with great excitement and cheers by those who attended the Campaign Meetings.

All three Diggers spoke of the need to protect and Keep Australia Australian for generations to come.

You may watch the Key Note speaker’s speech at the following link.

Keynote Speaker Australian Digger speaking at RUAP Campaign meeting in Hallamhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B3_trKK7u_oDiggers Rise Up with RUAP President & #1 Senate Candidate Daniel Nalliah & #2 Senate Candidate Rosalie Crestani

It is very insightful and extremely challenging.  You will not regret spending 30 minutes of your time listening to this speech.  It is a must watch.

Daniel Nalliah the National President of RUAP and #1 Senate Candidate for Victoria stated, “These are the true heroes of our nation.  We need to celebrate these men and women in uniform, who have paid a heavy price to protect our freedoms.

Now it is our turn to stand strong to continue to protect our democratic way of life, so that our children and grand children will continue to enjoy these freedoms.”

This election VOTE #1 Rise Up Australia Party and Keep Australia Australian.

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Responses (5)

  1. Mrs. Pat Skytte
    September 5, 2013 at 10:40 am ·

    I have read your policies as you have a candidate in my electorate. I strongly agree with just about each one of them. Good luck to your candidates on Saturday. Whatever the outcome for your party, I hope that you grow strong as a political party and that you do all that you can to make your policies known and hopefully used. Your policies would make a good Australia for most Australians.
    Thank you

  2. Johaan
    August 28, 2013 at 9:43 am ·

    Dear Senate candidate

    I stand for marriage being a committed, faithful relationship between one man and one woman for life. Our Children need this stability to become effective and functioning citizens of the society of tomorrow.

    This nuclear family Structure is the foundational building block of our society. It is on this foundation that society has been thriving for hundreds of years.

    Social science research for over three decades has shown the decay of this nuclear family Structure is the cause of the decline in society we face today

    If you are elected, will you to advocate for the marriage being a committed, faithful relationship between one man and one woman for life and stand your ground. Who will fight for the rights of our nation’s future generations, if not us?

    Know there is a significant voting population of Australia (People I know and am acquainted with) that have this same view.



  3. Steve
    August 28, 2013 at 8:53 am ·

    Dear future leaders,

    I have just spent a lot of time on your site, listened to all the speakers and can finally say I’ve found some people I admire and feel I can trust. I have just completed my postal voting in favour of Rosalie and Daniel for the Senate – don’t know of the local guy for Holt, so put the Lib in there.

    Australians are getting very disillusioned, I have worked extensively in Europe as have many others; we see the signs, can see history happening over there and see it about to repeat out here. I wish your Party well and applaud your ideals – you are at one with a great many ‘old school’ Australians. We need leaders. So lead.

    Good luck.

    Best regards,


  4. sk
    August 27, 2013 at 12:22 pm ·

    Go Daniel.

    You already have my vote today in Cranbourne.

    Best wishes.

  5. Miss F. M.
    August 27, 2013 at 11:54 am ·

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    This is just a quick note to tell you that, after a lifetime of voting Liberal, I will now be putting them second and you first. What finally swung my vote was your policy on Israel.

    You appear to support many of the ideas and values which I also espouse.

    Wishing you every success on 7th September.

    Kind regards,

    Miss F. M.
    Canberra, Australia

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