Gone too far?

The Annual CONSULTATIVE COUNCIL ON OBSTETRIC AND PAEDIATRIC MORTALITY AND MORBIDITY REPORT show 378 Victorian babies were terminated in their last trimester;

183 of these late term babies were not sick, injured or deformed. They were perfect (the oldest was 37 weeks) (Table 6.20, pg 159)

Gone too far?


But that’s not all: the 2008 Labor govt voted:
• Against banning late-term and partial-birth abortion. [VicHansard 3498-3506]
• Against requiring abortionists to provide an anaesthetic to the unborn child being aborted.
[VicHansard 3625-3639]
• Against mandatory reporting of suspected child/teenage victims of sexual abuse when a
suspected abuser takes them to an abortion clinic. [VicHansard 3492-3498]
• Against notifying the custodial parent of a minor seeking an abortion [VicHansard 3480-3485]
• Against providing information on the health risks of abortion. [VicHansard 3629-3631]
• Against providing support-counselling for women. [VicHansard 3536-3550]
• Against protecting the life of a child born alive after a failed abortion. [VicHansard 3620-3629]

Don’t believe the lies: healthy babies are aborted up until birth in Victoria and Jacinta Allan voted for this.

Vote for reform


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