Great RUAP Campaign in the Gold Coast and Brisbane

Dear friends,RUAP Campaign Meeting in Brisbane

The RUAP campaign meetings in the Gold Coast and Brisbane were very well attended, with up to 200 people at some meetings.

The people gathered were greatly excited and tremendously impacted by the slogan of Rise Up Australia to Keep Australia Australian for generations to come.

A few months ago when RUAP National President Daniel Nalliah was interviewed by Sunrise on Channel 7, an army soldier who fought in Iraq contacted us and was very upset with David Koch.

Ever since that point he has been in touch with us.

RUAP Leader's Breakfast in BrisbaneRUAP National President Daniel Nalliah speaking in BrisbaneHe, along with his wife and also another young woman who heard about RUAP, attended the meetings in QLD and were greatly impacted.

This soldier is promoting RUAP through his Facebook to all his mates in the Army, as those who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan do know the dangers of Islam.

The RUAP National President also spoke to a group of youth to rise up and take a stand for their country. The young men and women gathered were greatly challenged and responded with great excitement.

Posted on August 13, 2013 in Rise Up Australia

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