Media Release – Riots to Reconciliation – see you at Cronulla 10th memorial at 12 midday this Saturday 12th December


“There has been much speculation by the media and the socialist left regarding the 10th anniversary memorial in Cronulla NSW, calling it a racist rally.

That is exactly why I as the National President of Rise Up Australia Party, agreed to speak at this rally, when I was approached by the organizers.

You may click the link above to watch a brief video I recently released.

We cannot let our right for freedom of speech stifled by a bunch of politically correct politicians and the socialist left.

When the socialist left are hell bent on stopping us, that’s when you know for sure you must be doing something right and not stop, but get even more active in fighting this evil and Islamic fundamentalism head on.

I will be speaking at this rally to bring reconciliation, hope, love and unity amongst all who call Australia home, but definitely not at the cost of compromising our way of life, our right for free speech and culture.

When we surrender these values, all in the name of tolerance and political correctness, that’s when we betray our next generation and country.

I have watched the west for too long bending head over to accommodate people, at the very cost of losing their rights in their own nation.

Rise Up Australia Party will fight to restore Aussie pride, patriotism and way of life, to Keep Australia Australian.”

Media inquiries: 03 8795 7544

Authorised by Daniel Nalliah 30 Star Crescent Hallam 3803


Posted on December 8, 2015 in Guest Speakers, Rise Up Australia, Sharia

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  1. Linda
    December 14, 2015 at 8:31 am ·

    Dear RUA friends,
    Please be cautious and aware that the NSW Supreme Court has prohibited the Party For Freedom to conduct the proposed rally at Cronulla tomorrow. See the full story on It appears that freedom of speech has indeed been stifled on this occasion.

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