MEDIA RELEASE – TUESDAY 21st JUNE 2016 – Celebrating the 9th Anniversary for Freedom of Speech Victory / New App for RUAP

Celebrating the 9th Anniversary for Freedom of Speech Victory

This Wednesday the 22nd of June will mark the 9th Anniversary for protecting Freedom of Speech in Australia.

From 2002 to 2007, Daniel Nalliah the lead senate candidate for Victoria was in the centre of a court case for freedom of Speech in Melbourne, Australia, when the Islamic Council of Victoria took him to court on vilification charges. In 2007 Dr Nalliah won a landmark Australian legal battle in Supreme Court with the Islamic Council of Victoria for freedom of speech and the right to criticize parts of the Koran which promote hate and religious intolerance.

He was officially recognized and thanked by the former Prime Minister John Howard in his office in Canberra. He was also nominated for Australian of the year in 2007.

Rise Up Australia party is standing twelve Senate candidates in this year’s 2016 Federal Election as well as many lower house candidates.

Rise Up Australia party now has an app!

Mr Nalliah & Mrs Crestani are explaining all about the new app at the following short video above.

To make it easier for our supporters and followers to access information the App features information such as Membership sign-up, Candidate profiles, RUAP News & Media Releases, Upcoming Events, Make a Donation, Party Policies, How to Vote and Much More!!

You can install it by clicking on the following links:



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  1. Aimee
    June 21, 2016 at 2:55 pm ·

    Hello RUAP,

    Keep fighting for Australia. You have my vote and I’m so glad you’re standing for parliament.
    I really pray for you and for the Almighty’s favor.

    Keep going.
    You’re appreciated.
    Keep getting out there and exposure and making a difference.

    Every best wish.
    You have my prayers.


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