Opening ceremony ‘an insult’ to all Australians


“I was Disappointed and Shocked at the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games”.

RUAP President Rev Dr Daniel Nalliah stated, ” I was Disappointed and Shocked at the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games.

It was sad to see White Australians and others almost completely ignored. While Aboriginal Culture and ancestral rituals were given total prominence.

Before you could call me a racist. I am not white, nor am I a racist.


But if not for the white man building this country and making it a great Democracy. I would have not called Australia home 20 years ago.

Sorry, but who were the people (UN/Leftist) who planned this ceremony? I wonder?

Millions would have watched the ceremony. Sad to say, we have communicated a very negative impression of Australia. It seemed liked we were still living in the dark ages.

No offence to the aboriginal people. Of whom I have many friends. And they are beautiful people.
I spoke to some of them this morning, and they them self’s feel like someone has highjacked their community with another agenda.

We should have put on display the real Australia.

By the way, who built the roads, the rail, farms, property development, great cities and A great Parliamentary/ Democratic system etc??

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Please listen to the attached 5 min radio interview with Alan Jones.

Opening Ceremony an Insult to all Australians

Rise Up Australia and Keep Australia Great.


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