Replying to a Statement issued by Faith Communities Council of Victoria, who promote Multiculturalism as a great Aussie achievement and should be cherished

Thursday 9th of July 2015

Replying to a Statement issued by Faith Communities Council of Victoria, dated 8th of July 2015, who promote Multiculturalism as a great Aussie achievement and should be cherished.

Friends, Australians and Countrymen, ‘Lend me your ears’ to coin a phrase from a well-known politician (Shakespeare’s Mark Antony)

Are we Multicultural or Multi Ethnic??????

We believe we are a multiethnic society and not a multicultural social order.

Multicultural stands for culture diversity of which we cannot promote. We desire to unite the nation of Australia and not divide it. Multiculturalism brings in ethnic and religious separation and migrants are encouraged not to integrate. This is in fact a Political Ideology designed to destroy Australian identity.

If one does not have Australian identity their loyalty is questionable, we have to ask, “to which nation do they belong”? For example during the 2nd World War the USA incarcerated many Japanese because they demonstrated strong Japanese ties and this presented a danger of not being loyal to the country. A similar situation arose here in Australia also with the Germans. It is accentual to our nation that all those who call Australia home also align themselves with Australia and being Australian, and not to identify themselves as Sri Lankan, Iraqi, French, Chinese, Pakistani, German, etc.

We do not discriminate regarding ethnicity, religious persuasion, gender, race or social status. We are proud of belonging to a nation that has embraced peoples of all nationalities, having a mandate to provide security, homes and education to encourage them to contribute positively to our society.

FCCV stated … “The current environment fueled by economic uncertainty and fear is encouraging the rise of extreme groups like ‘Reclaim Australia’ and UPF (United Patriots Front) who are intent on disenfranchising minorities and disturbing the peace within our society”.

First of all how do you associate economic uncertainty as being a reason for extreme groups alienating minorities and disturbing our peace? They have used a lot of words, sounds good if you’re trying to alarm people, but means nothing.

History proves that hard times unite communities, as we tend to lay aside our differences and work together to achieve a desired result.

Secondly there is a segment of our community that try to dictate to the majority, by telling them what they should wear, what they should eat and what Faith they should practice. These same groups refuse to associate with nationals by segregating in their own communities and creating ‘No Go’ zones for those that are not of their Faith. This has created fear.

But who created this fear and in so doing is disturbing the peace?

It is not Reclaim Australia or the UPF! It is Islam – Yes Islam; this is the culture that has come into our country with no intention to integrate into our society or befriend us. They have come here, like everywhere else they go, to breed and increase in number. In so doing they can infiltrate our governments and councils to pass laws in their favor. The long term plan is total Islamic control and Sharia Law for our nation. No more Australia, land of the free.

According to Islam if you are not a Muslim believer you are an infidel. An infidel in their eyes is a heathen, a pagan and an apostate. Bearing this in mind you may understand why they eventually aim to eradicate us.

The writing is on the wall – Terrorism has already begun in Australia – it’s on the news nearly every day if you care to be observant. Islam as a whole does not like us!!!!

We take our hats off to Reclaim Australia for ‘telling it how it is’. They are not afraid of the back lash from those who have chosen to be politically correct, who, if Islam ever did get control would be the first to ‘hit the dust’.

Yes! what Reclaim Australia is saying may be ‘scary’ but it is the TRUTH and we know the truth hurts; however we also know that being forewarned is being forearmed and we believe that these two groups are doing a good job of getting this word out there.

As for these organizations demonstrating anti-Asian, anti-Semitic, anti-Indigenous, etc. sentiments! This is pure conjecture by the FCCV and totally untrue. If this were the case how could they invite an Indian Sikh to be a Speaker at their Melbourne rally earlier this year? Also the FCCV seems to have forgotten that Rise Up Australia Party president, Daniel Nalliah spoke at the April rally also. It is well known that RUAP is pro all ethnicities, having among their member, Asians, Jews, Refugees and Indigenous peoples; not to mention that our President is, as he calls himself, “black” Sri Lankan.

We do not believe that supporting Reclaim Australia and the United Patriots Front in any way harms the harmony or the diversity of our society. If one wants to look for those who do maybe they should pay more attention to what the Socialist Alliance, Greens and the Sex Party are saying and doing. Listen to the vile language that comes out of their mouths, the shoving and jostling they exhibit when demonstrating at peaceful rallies where they don’t happen to agree with the principle of the event. The police are not there in the droves to protect them!

Think about it! Who’s disturbing the Peace?

Former US President Ronald Reagan said: “If we ever forget that we are one nation under God, then we will be a nation gone under”

Therefore we call on all true Australians that love this country and her freedoms to support these two groups and come to the Melbourne Rally on July 18th at Parliament House, from 11am to around 2pm. Also the rally’s held in the other state capitals in which you may live.

May God Bless You!

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