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Rise Up Australia Party stands by Margaret Court in her defence of biblical marriage being between one man and one woman as defined in the book of Genesis in the Bible.

We congratulate both the Prime Minister and the opposition leader for their commendable responses to the calls from some to rename the Margaret Court Arena. Both men stated that the name was given in honour of Margaret’s great achievements in sport (which they implied was above one’s personal belief system) (5)                                                 (6) Margaret Court slams The Project, defends anti-gay-marriage views to Andrew Bolt

Margaret court like anyone else has the right to her values and should be free to express her opinion in this country … ‘The land of the Free’. This basic freedom, is that which our Anzacs fought for in the last two world wars. Many of our war veterans gave up their lives so we could speak with conviction, without fear of persecution and intolerance from those whom demand the same for themselves, but don’t believe that anyone who disagrees with them should have the same liberty – We call it … Double Standards.

What has happened to our AUSSIE SPIRIT which once would have said, “I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it. – Evelyn Beatrice Hall, author, 1868 – 1956. (1)

One wonders if there would have been the same public outcry if Margaret Court had been defending traditional marriage according to the Qur’an and the beliefs of Australia Muslims, who may have up to 4 wives, ignoring our marriage laws, and sponging off our social security system to support them.  What if Margaret had said, “I believe Muslims should be free to practice their Sharia Law, including honour killings for unfaithful wives, female genital mutilation and child marriages”?  And if she added, “this is a multicultural society, we should accept their culture based on the Qur’an, even if It opposes our commonwealth judicial system; we should change to fit in with them and not expect them to obey our laws”.  Would those same lurid voices cry out at such a ridiculous proposal or would they just bury their heads in the sand and pretend they didn’t hear it?

Rise Up Australia Party believes one has the right to express an opinion in public even if it may go against the loud bullying minority, the socialistic media and political correctness. Judging by the reactions from the media, some homosexual celebrities and members of the public, it would be fair to say that we truly don’t have freedom of speech in this country anymore.  It has been forsaken to make way for an invasion of intimidation and bullying. The proof of this is: that it has now become unacceptable that a national champion can speak publicly on her views concerning marriage, and must endure being berated by the mainstream media, is automatically branded as a bigot and homophobe, and is publicly called a whole host of nasty names, while at the same time, it is fine for Alan Joyce to use his high-profile position as CEO of QANTAS, to promote the LGBTI agenda.  Not only that, no one seems to mind his banning of those who oppose him from travelling QANTAS for life. (2)  Wouldn’t you call this bullying? One wonders if you would get a job with QANTAS if you had a view that was not in line with his LGBTI agenda.  Why would he do this? Because he can, and we do nothing to stop him.  Wake up Australia!! Do you want the Bullies to take away your freedoms and your belief systems? ** Well get off your ‘proverbial’, start standing up for your values and don’t let anyone say, you can’t have them.

Margaret Court is not a Globalist, Atheist, Muslim, Homosexual, New Ager, Socialist or even a Humanist, she is a Christian and a Pastor, she holds a traditional Christian biblical view on marriage. It is disgraceful that she cannot express her opinion without being publicly shamed and dishonoured. What hypocrisy we tolerate today!  So un Australian!! One wonders, if it is her view or the Christian view that is so offensive to these rebels? (4)

In addition, we also ask the question, why Qantas CEO Mr Joyce, is taking such offence at Margaret Court’s decision to avoid flying with QANTAS when he seems to have no issue with QANTAS’ alliance with EMIRATES; a company which operates from a country where homosexuality is not tolerated and where homosexuals are persecuted. If his convictions are so strong why did he not raise any opposition to this alliance or even resign his position? Or does his bravery limit itself to Australia where he can safely advocate for ‘Same Sex Marriage’ knowing he will be backed by the ‘Fake Media’(to coin a Trump term) as he throws any who oppose him to the  ‘lions’, so to speak?                                                                                                                                                                                      WELL DONE MARGARET!  KEEP ON KEEPING ON!


Thank God for a genuine journalist such as Andrew Bolt, who is not a Christian but aligns with many basic Christian values, namely the freedom to speak your heart and share what you believe to be true and right. My research found this headline:

Andrew Bolt: Bullies and thuggery make civil debate on gay marriage impossible

Andrew Bolt, Herald Sun – May 28, 2017 9:55pm.    He stated ……                                                                                     “I COULD be talked into backing same-sex marriage. But never while we’ve got the kind of bullies attacking Margaret Court. …  No way. Not when I see them piling into the 74-year-old tennis great for simply saying gay marriage offends her Christian values. You know what’s far more important than same-sex marriage? It’s stopping this new thuggery that makes it impossible to hold a civil debate where people dare to speak and reason wins. Try to debate Islam and you risk being screamed down as a racist or threatened with harm.  Try to protest against the new racism of the Left and you risk being vilified or sued for $250,000, even if you’re just a student complaining against racial segregation at your university.” On the 30th he said, …. ”defending our freedoms to debate social issues without being shut up or destroyed – that is more critical than Same Sex Marriage, and that’s why the bullies attacking Margaret Court …. they can’t be allowed to win.” (6)   And again, he declared, …  “Someone who wants to strip someone of a sporting honour because they don’t think the same as you do, …that is a bigot! (3)

References:                                                                                                                                                                                        (1) l

(2)  Joyce CEO of QANTAS – banned an Australian Farmer from flying QANTAS (for life?) for throwing a pie in his face at a business meeting. The farmer, Tony  Overhue, 67 said his gesture was a protest at what he considered to be “corporate bullying”, citing the fact that Mr Joyce and 20 chief executives of major companies signed a joint letter in support of marriage equality. Mr Overheu was charged by police with assault.

(3) The West Australian newspaper: around the 29th of May…..                                                                               ‘Australian tennis legend Margaret Court has been branded a “bigot” for saying she will stop flying Qantas “where possible” in response to the airline’s promotion of same-sex marriage. In a letter published in The West Australian newspaper, in her home town of Perth, Ms Court wrote: “I am disappointed that Qantas has become an active promoter for same-sex marriage.  …..  “Your [Qantas] statement leaves me no option but to use other airlines where possible for my extensive travelling.” …..


(4)  Rise Up Australia party holds Judeo-Christian values.

(5)  Backlash:  Czech tennis great Martina Navratilova also tweeted: “Maybe it’s time to change the name of   the Margaret Court Arena then… and I guess Margaret will be taking the boat on her next trip?”

Read more at: :  boycotts-qantas-ng-b88487658z



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**Must be compatible with Australian Law.

Written by: Yvonne Gentle – RUAP National Secretary.


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