Senate results could take another 3-4 weeks / RUAP votes almost double from last election

Dear Friends,

Firstly, let me once again thank you all for your faithful support, help and encouragement throughout the entire election campaign.

It has been a very tiring 6-8 weeks, but it was fully worth the effort and challenge.

RUAP is very happy to inform you that our vote nationwide has almost doubled compared to the last federal election.

Some electorates across the nation have seen 4-5 times the amount of votes since the last election.

As a new political party contesting just only our 2nd federal election, we have done very well. 

A big thank you to all our teams across the country.

We congratulate the Liberal & National Coalition Government on their victory.

However, the vote count in the Senate is still going on and is expected to take up to 3-4 weeks before we know the final results of who was elected.

The preference votes will play a major role in determining the rest of the Senate seats.

We also want to congratulate Pauline Hansen for her great come back after her 20 year battle to win a seat. She certainly is a voice to protect Australia.

There is still the possibility of RUAP getting a Senate seat once the preferences are counted.

You may watch an excellent recap on the election by clicking the following link of Sky News Paul Murray interviewing Senator Cory Bernardi.  (Please note that you need a Facebook account to watch.)

We will NEVER EVER GIVE UP as we are committed to see this fight continue so that we will Keep Australia Great for the next generation and those to come.

Thank you so very much and may God Bless you all.

Best Regards/ Daniel Nalliah

(RUAP National President)

Posted on July 12, 2016 in Rise Up Australia

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