dog-barking1When I was a teenager, I took my best friend’s Alsatian dog for a walk.  I knew that the dog liked fighting other dogs so kept him on a short leash to avoid any trouble.  Suddenly, as we were coming close to a house, a small dog started yapping and throwing itself against the closed wired gate.  The Alsatian pulled me over to the gate and my heart pounded as I tried to take a firmer grip on the leash. Much to my surprise, he sniffed the little dog and turned away and continued walking.  There was no bark, no growl and not even a snarl.

The Alsatian knew that the little dog was no threat and was not even worth its attention.

I learnt that day that the only people who can get under your skin are those whom you consider a threat. All others just exist and you need take no notice of them.

That brings me to the theme of my article.  The three major parties Greens, Labor, and Liberal have placed Rise Up Australia, last, last and third last in their preferencing in WA.  Rather than get upset about it we wear that badge with honour.

We understand that our policies are diametrically opposed to the Greens and that they should put us last. Since our party started we have also constantly showed up the inefficiencies of the previous Labor government, so they don’t like us either, and should put us last. What is surprising is that the Liberals preferenced us third last.

They are so bereft of all Judeo/Christian morals that they would rather preference the Euthanasia Party, the Sex Party, The Drug Party and even the Labor party before Rise Up Australia Party.  The only party that they hate more than us is the Greens Party (and an Independent whom I expect they didn’t even bother to look at).

We might ask why have they put us so far down their list? It certainly can’t be our opinion on the Muslims. The Australian Christians, whom they preferenced third, regularly put out anti-muslim material.

Perhaps it is the fact that we are getting a lot of attention for our policies in the newspapers.

Perhaps it is because we are actually the Liberals of 50 years ago, or perhaps it is just because we won’t bow down to political correctness and are not afraid to stand up and take on the big boys.

No subject is taboo, and we are happy to have our say on Muslims, the GayBC, Abortion, Same-sex Marriage and any other subject that has a moral value.  As we explained to the Liberals in our meetings with them, RUAP is a “Values” based party and we will stand for “Right” in a world bereft of values.

The only thing that we are sorry about is that we were placed third last, and not last.

We’re just going to have to try harder next time!

WA Preferences

Posted on April 3, 2014 in Rise Up Australia

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  1. Ash
    April 4, 2014 at 8:35 am ·

    Great article!
    May it never be said that this nation loses its fear of God and bows to the pressures of man instead. The line between good and evil, right and wrong, must always be clearly defined.

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