Thousands attend Reclaim Australia Rallies Nationwide / Daniel Nalliah on SBS News 6:30pm tonight

Dear friends,

The Reclaim Australia Rallies nationwide were once again a great success with thousands attending the rallies across the country.

Contrary to the media reports, the rallies were very peaceful, except for some minor protests by the Left-wing socialists, a front group for Islam.

Patriotic Aussies came carrying their Australian flags. It was so great to see them waving their flags and singing the National Anthem. There was not a smell of racism.

Once again a big thank you to the police who did a great job in keeping the socialist protesters, who were hell bent on disrupting the peaceful Reclaim rallies, away from us.

RUAP National President Daniel Nalliah addressed the rally in Sydney and was very well received.

You may click the link above to watch Part 1 of his speech and the link below for Part 2.

He will be on SBS News 6:30pm tonight Monday 23rd November.

Also the RUAP Deputy President Rosalie Crestani addressed the Melbourne rally and so did 8 RUAP representatives at other rallies across Australia.

The message was clear, ‘Stop Islamism or let your children pay the price.’

Following are some media articles with television footage.

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  1. Richard
    November 30, 2015 at 9:04 am ·

    Suggested title: Uncomfortable truth about Islam

    Michael Boyd (Letters, The Advertiser, 27/11/15), the president of the Atheist Foundation of Australia, wrote a thought provoking letter in which he rightly asserted that the terrorists who killed or injured hundreds of people in France were not “godless” as Prime Minster Malcolm Turnbull stated, as they profess a belief in a god.
    Sadly Mr Boyd neglected to mention that these terrorists identify themselves as devout Muslims and are merely doing as they are commanded to by Allah (God) in keeping with the Quran, which Islamic dogma asserts to contain the literal words of Allah: “Slay the unbelievers wherever you find them.” – Quran (2:191)
    Islam was created by the Prophet Muhammad, the role model for all Muslim men, who created a de facto Islamic state policed by his militia, murdered non-Muslims (notably Jewish men and critics), enslaved non-Muslim women and children (many were raped), and married a young girl he ‘deflowered’ when she was nine-years-old.
    Mr Boyd asserted that the “personal religious practice” of Australian Muslims is not to blame for the actions of Muslim extremists and they “don’t support Daesh”, despite the fact that dozens are in prison for plotting to kill non-Muslims and hundreds have gone to Syria to fight for Daesh as their personal religious beliefs compel them to.
    Devout Australian Muslims like those who populate groups like Hizb ut-Tahrir Australia openly promote the oppressive Islamic agenda which entails the murder of our democracy and the imposition of sharia law, and present the Muslims who populate groups like Daesh (Islamic State) as “freedom fighters” who are “resisting crusaders”.
    Moderate Muslims who do not seek to subjugate or kill non-Muslims nonetheless validate the extremist Islamic ideology by identifying themselves as Muslims, just as moderate Nazis who do not seek to subjugate or kill non-Nazis validate the extremist Nazi ideology by identifying themselves as Nazis, thus are complicit in murder.
    Moderate Muslims and moderate Nazis appear unaffected by the violent ideologies they validate and help spread, but some people who are exposed to them become violent, much as some people who are infected with a disease appear healthy but spread the disease which causes some people to become ill and die.
    Most people who promote Islam are devout fundamentalists who pretend to be moderates, as you would expect of the highly motivated people involved with Islamic groups; just as most people who promote Nazism are fanatics who pretend to be moderates, as you would be expect of the highly motivated people involved with Nazi groups.
    Islam is in fact an ingenious social construct designed to perpetuate the patriarchal, authoritarian and xenophobic social norms of 7th century Arabia (which many men find attractive due to their desire to control women and the ‘other’), wherein followers feel they are serving God by supporting these backward social norms.
    Fundamentalist Muslims play ‘good cop, bad cop’, wherein communities are worn down by the bad cop (Jihadists) who terrorise them while the good cop (non-violent fundamentalists) say the best way to stop the terror is to combat the Islamophobia that drives some Muslims into the hands of the Jihadists by being more supportive of Muslims.
    In Saint-Denis, France, leftist politicians elevated the funding and standing of the local imams after each Jihadist attack in order to help prevent Islamophobia and facilitate integration, as requested by these imams, who then exploited those positions to entrench their authority with the result that the township became an Islamic ghetto.
    This was no accident. The Islamisation of society is a core goal of the Islamic ideology and actively pursued by Islamic leaders who constantly play the race card (despite the fact that Islam is a religion, not a race of people) to put the opponents of Islam on the defensive and elicit sympathy from ignorant non-Muslims.
    Islamic leaders also assert that the opponents of Islam as irrational Islamophobic bigots (the term ‘Islamophobia’ was invented in 1989 to stigmatize the opponents of Islam and Muslim immigration), despite the fact that it is entirely rational to fear a religion whose followers have oppressed and murdered millions of people in the name of Islam.
    That Mr Boyd would vilify the people who run anti-Islam groups like Reclaim Australia as bigots and xenophobes amounts to support for Islam, while his article was primarily a reaction to Mr Turnbull’s ludicrous assertion that Daesh terrorists are “godless” in order to defend atheists like himself; but godless atheists murdered tens of millions of people in the 20th century alone.
    In closing, I would make the point that many Muslims find the term ‘moderate Muslim’ insulting as it implies that true Muslims are violent extremists; but the uncomfortable truth is that true Muslims (devout fundamentalists) are violent extremists who represent the true face of Islam and pose a deadly threat to secular liberal democracies.


  2. Bob & Liz
    November 24, 2015 at 7:58 am ·

    Well done Danny,
    God bless,
    Bob & Liz

  3. John
    November 23, 2015 at 3:09 pm ·

    Hi Daniel

    I had not heard of you or your party until I watched the news today and saw the demonstration in Martin Pl Sydney.

    It is refreshing to see someone with the courage to stand up and tell the truth about Islam and the danger we face in the future if we are too complacent and uninformed to take a stand for our way of life that we all enjoy and want our children and grandchildren to also enjoy, unfortunately our politicians have been too gutless in the past and while pandering to the Muslims to buy their votes seem to have ignored the real issues, Daniel without preaching to the converted I would like to support your party in any way that is helpful, I can be contacted on this email or the number below.



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