Un-safe Schools Program

Dear Members and Friends.

Wow! What a busy week we have had. It is always exciting to fight the good fight and exhilarating to make inroads into the opposition’s territory.

Local Council Forum:

Last Thursday night the City of Casey in Melbourne held a public forum to discuss the Safe Schools Programme openly and fairly for all interested parties. The Forum was organised following public concern in the City of Casey over the last few years.  Councillor Rosalie Crestani {Rise Up Australia Party Vice president} acted on this concern with the support of other Councillors.

Opposition was anticipated, and it was no surprise that the week before a key speaker, who was mostly in support of the SSP.  This resulted in the Council preparing to dump the forum for fear of accusations that the event was rigged and biased. Fortunately, due to the action of a very astute Councillor moving a recision motion, (1) THE FORUM WENT AHEAD, and the entire meeting was very informative and amicable.  Public concerns were raised and addressed decently and in order; the atmosphere was friendly, and one felt comfortable being present.

Cr Rosalie Crestani reflects,

“I want to thank my Councillor colleagues, staff, residents and churches for their support in ensuring the right to assembly for what was perhaps the first of its kind at an Australian local Council. Our rights were upheld in which we were able to safely and peacefully consider and expose the failings of these state school programs. This Casey-held forum was a stellar testament to the spirit of fighting for each other’s’ rights to voice an alternate opinion other than that of the status quo.”

We congratulate the organisers of the Forum for their fortitude and tenacity in giving opportunity to, and in allowing concerned citizens to air their concerns and views on this Same Sex agenda, which is infiltrating our education curriculums.    

Rally for the rights of parents and to stop the sexualization of our children:

Saturday the 21st of April saw months of preparation and hard work come to fruition.

As with the Forum it was anticipated that there would be opposition towards a Rally that was against the Safe ‘Unsafe’ schools Program. However, the tireless committee ploughed ahead, sacrificing their precious time, family life and finances to empower the public with the facts and the truth of what the SSP really entails. The Rally was held in support of their children’s wellbeing and the parental right of parents to be their own children’s guardians instead of our socialistic education system.

The demonstration started with a march from The Treasury Gardens in Melbourne to the steps of Parliament in Spring Street. About 500 people marched accompanied by around 50 – 60 police. The anticipated ‘Rent-a-Crowd’ did not turn up, therefore allowing a very informative procession of speakers to educate those who attended and anyone within earshot. There was very little opposition at the assembly itself, resulting in a really peaceful event.

The speakers included, MPs such as Dr Rachel Carling-Jenkins, Graham Watts, and Councillor Rosalie Crestani (Rise Up Australia Party) along with concerned parents.

Of course, this Rally was the ‘Brain Child’ of RUAP Member, Marzena Smalec who’s own son was a victim of this program and had to be withdrawn from his school for his own safety.  Marzena was the passion behind this event and put in months of her time, being dedicated along with RUAP to the cause of ridding this evil program from our Nation.

Rise Up Australia Party has been the support behind this event keeping a low profile so as not to hinder the independency of organisers and other parties that may have wanted to be involved.

Rev. Daniel Nalliah, RUAP National President, has stated … “I am very pleased with respect of both events and applaud Marzena Smalec, her Cause Group and team of volunteers, Rosalie Crestani and others from our RUAP team for participating in and organising the event. They have done an amazing job. (2) “We thank God for the hundreds of parents, grandparents and others who attended the meetings and took a stand for the next generation. Please continue to lobby your local MPs and pray earnestly that by the end of the year the SSP will be made history.”

For more info. on the context of the rally we have included a link you may like to watch.


(1) Refers to a motion that effectively puts on hold a Council resolved decision until the next council meeting.

(2) Mazena would also like us to acknowledges and thanks all members of the ‘Stand Up for parent’s rights- Stop sexualising our children’s’ group that she has been working with since last year.


Thanks, and God Bless,

Yvonne Gentle

National Secretary

Rise Up Australia Party

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