URGENT MEDIA RELEASE- RUAP Offfical Launch in Melbourne today Monday 13th June / USA Islamic Terror Attacks – 1 Minute Silence

National Launch Brochure 2016MEDIA RELEASE – MONDAY 13th JUNE 2016

RUAP National President Dr Daniel Nalliah utterly and totally condemns the recent Islamic terror attack in the USA at a gay night club.

He calls on all peace loving people to unite in one accord to stand against the terror, fear and intimidation brought upon by fundamental Islam.

At the RUAP official launch at 11am this morning Monday the 13th of June 2016 @ The Seasons Botanic Gardens Hotel: 348 St Kilda Road, Melbourne, he will speak further on Islam, its founder Muhammed and the Koran,

in addition to leading all peace loving people in a 1 minute of silence for the family members & friends of those massacred in Florida by a radical Muslim associated with ISIS.

Mr Nalliah, also the lead Senate Candidate for Victoria, will be the key note speaker at the launch where RUAP Candidates will be announced and new policies will be released.

Other significant topics of discussion will be on Tax Reform, Economy, Sharia Law, Environment, Domestic Violence and Senate Voting.

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