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As you know Western Australia has been forced to go back to the polls to re-elect its Federal Senate representatives due to an administrative error. Nobody wanted this but it does give West Australians a very rare opportunity to look at the current situation in Parliament and then vote again to enable the best outcome for both the State and the country.

This Senate Election is an important opportunity for Western Australians to choose Senators who will ensure the State has both a strong legitimate voice, and to get a fair share of Commonwealth revenue collected.

No other State will get this opportunity.

In our recent letter to our members we showed you the influence that we have already brought to bear on the Coalition, and the changes that they have already made.

We now ask all of you in WA to vote for Rise Up Australia Party and help us to keep up the pressure on the major parties to continue this reform, and to KEEP AUSTRALIA AUSTRALIAN

Posted on April 3, 2014 in Uncategorized

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