We Will NOT Sit back as our Right To FREE SPEECH is stifled!

“Enough is Enough”!

Please watch the following promo video for the RE-Launch of the Melbourne Reclaim Australia Rally. We thank all those patriots and Rise up supporters who came along to the Melbourne rally on Saturday, we are urging you to continue to stand with us as Reclaim Australia are in the process of organizing another rally in Melbourne.

We are encouraging patriots from all around Australia to come and join us in one voice against injustice and Islamization of the Australia and the west. Many Aussie patriots and Rise up Australia supporters voiced their absolute disappointment on the way the Melbourne rally was handled by the police. They were also very disgusted to see the burning of our Australian flag along with the leftist crowd who was violent and prevented many supporters from participating in the rally.

Daniel Nalliah will again attend the rally with possible guest speaker Pauline Hanson and others yet to be named.

Details will be released shortly on the Reclaim Australia website.

We will not let up, we will not back down, we will not bow down until justice prevails.

Rise Up Australia and put an end to political correctness.

“Keep Australia Australian!”

Posted on April 7, 2015 in Rise Up Australia, Sharia

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