Why Rise Up Australia Party (RUAP) opposes Multiculturalism

Many people may think that in opposing Multiculturalism we are against immigration of people from diverse ethnic backgrounds and third world nations. This is simply not the case! RUAP welcomes Multi Ethnicities from around the world. However, we do stipulate that all migrants who wish to call Australia home integrate into Australian society and respect Australian way of life, leaving behind the culture they came from to embrace one multi ethnic, Australian culture. In contrast to this Multiculturalists say that a migrant can keep his own culture and practice it in the nation that he migrates to, even to the point where, he practices the laws of his own culture in accordance with his country of origin. The same feels that he has that right even though the law he embraces is opposed to the laws of the land he now calls home.

RUAP National President, the Rev. Dr. Daniel Nalliah has travelled extensively around the world; he’s lived in the Middle East, Asia and Western nations, and is himself, an immigrant from Sri Lanka. Dr Nalliah states from his personal experience that, “Multiculturalism has never worked and is not working now”!

Does Multiculturalism cause violence, wars and terrorism ?

Most of us want to live in peace! However, …   Can it happen in a true Multicultural society?

Ancestry/heritage, tradition, religion, spirituality, ethnicity, food, dress and pride determine societies which, of course need to develop laws that bring order and sound government to the people and the belief system they have adopted.

Most of us think our Society is the best because that’s what we know and believe and/or because of national pride we are conditioned to think our ways are better.

We call this our culture.

If we are left alone to live by our culture, there is usually not too many problems on a national level.

The problems start to evolve when people come into our country and society, bringing different values, lifestyle, religion and laws; What happens is these people then draw together in groups and fail to integrate into the country and its society they call their home.

It should not be too hard to work out that two very different cultures living side by side that insist on living by their own traditions, values and laws is not going to work, especially if the incoming culture is militant and will not uphold the laws of the land of which it has entered. This is when a peaceful society starts to experience unrest, civil war and acts of terror, because it has become Multicultural.

How do you preserve a peaceful society?

Peace is preserved by not allowing multicultural societies to take root in your country. People can be free to hold on to their values, religion and traditions yet integrate and uphold the laws of the land into which they have migrated. It is when a peoples’ religion is also their culture and law that there is a big problem! Why? Because these people refuse to integrate. If this is the case, then people who refuse to live by the law of the land and set up counter law systems must be removed along with their laws from their host country.

A country can only live by one set of laws and has to adopt one culture that traditionally upholds a standard religious view. However, personally people may have different beliefs and are free to practice them as long as they are compatible with the law of the country in which they live. They must also honour and respect the values and law of that nation, or they must leave the country.

Australia is a nation which, from the onset of its westernisation has had a diverse society, starting with the convict settlements, white colonists and the indigenous people of the land. At that time the Colony had a predominantly protestant religious view. Then came the Irish who were Catholic, still Christian but

fundamentally different, yet all abided by English law not Irish. With the Gold-rush in the 1800’s came a number of ethnicities and cultures, and although there were skirmishes, they were kept in hand by our British Law System. The diverse migrant population either integrated or moved elsewhere. Besides the English migrants in the mid-20th Century there were also many from European countries, in particular Germany, Poland, Greece and Italy. Then many Asian ethnicities also called Australia home. However, it all worked together quite successfully. Overall, most people integrated well and there was no question about them living according to Australian laws; that was the expected requirement when entering the country; they knew it and lived by the law or suffered the consequences.

Maybe because of our diversity we thought we could handle Multiculturalism and Islam, which in essence, is truly a culture that refuses to integrate.

Muslims have set up their own law system in some areas which they have hijacked in our cities/country, with the belief that their culture is superior. They think they should be permitted to live by their laws, ignoring the law of the land. Worldwide Islam’s aim is to introduce their laws into the countries they have infiltrated; Australia being one of those countries. Their view is that eventually their laws will become the law and their culture will take over our society. Part of their plan in doing this is by getting Muslims into parliament.

Where have they done this already?

In every country where they have the numbers to do so.

Britain, France, Germany, and yes! Australia.

We already have Muslim politicians.

The bigger Islam becomes in Australia the more Islamic politicians and the more they will try to change our laws. And when they have the numbers to do so they will.

How do they get the numbers?

By immigration that includes extended family members; by applying for refugee status; by Muslim men seducing Australian girls and taking up to 4 wives (against our law) and having, in some cases, up to 12 Muslim children or more; and by our government not taking a responsible stand.

Once you are a Muslim you do not have the freedom to live by any other culture for fear of death. And this is happening unbeknown to most, right here and now, in Australia.

Where in the world has war and ethnic cleansing been the result of Multiculturalism?

Below is an extensive list of ethnic cleansing to the present day. However, on perusing through the information I have found that the writers have neglected to mention that in many incidents the ones doing the cleansing are Muslims. Preferring to be politically correct, the authors name the country but don’t mention they are Muslim countries or governments doing the cleansing. Yet if Muslims are the target for ethnic cleansing … all is declared.

Regardless the bottom line is: Multiculturalism does not work!

Two or three different cultures living side by side in one country following different laws doesn’t work!

If you live in Australia…

Abide by one culture and one law ONLY.  Integrate or dissipate!

In other words, if you don’t want to conform, move on.

Rise Up Australia Party says No! To Multiculturalism because it doesn’t work! But we say Yes! To Multi- Ethnicity under one Law. Because It has proved to work well in Australia over many years.


Written by: Yvonne Gentle – RUAP National Secretary

Foot Note:

Multiculturalism has failed in Europe. Most people are unaware of the consequences of the illegal mass immigration into Europe that lead to the changing face of Europe. The British have become a minority in their Own capital city. In Sweden the situation is even worse, Swedish majority will live long enough to see themselves becoming a minority in their own country. More and more countries are taking steps against the immigrants’ culture. France, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Austria have banned the burqa. Switzerland passed an anti-mosque law which bans preaching in Arabic and mosque’s minarets. Austrian passed a law which restricts foreign funding for Austrian mosques and Islamic communities All these measures were taken by these countries to force immigrants to integrate into Western society.   Check out this link below.


Posted on December 12, 2018 in Rise Up Australia

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