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Sharia Law belongs within the Islamic
Culture which is all Culture Religion and Law – They do not separate one from the other!

No wearing of western clothing.
Women must wear the hijab.
No drinking of alcohol.
No socialising between single/ unmarried men and women in public.
A Woman’s testimony will be deemed only half the worth of a man at the most.
Female genital mutilation is practiced.
The death penalty will be introduced.
Public stoning to death as a punishment for breaking of laws such as unfaithfulness in marriage.
Public lashings for menial offences.
And so much more!
In short:
No equal rights.
No freedom of thought or religion.
Western culture forbidden.
United Nations Human Rights Laws will not be observed.

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A good article in the Age newspaper of 13th January 2020

Some of Australia’s most extreme Christian-right parties have withdrawn from politics, claiming the election of Prime Minister Scott Morrison had rendered them redundant.

This week the Victorian-based Rise Up Australia leader said the political party was deregistered after the May election because Mr Morrison’s Christian values “mirrored” many of its own.

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Thank you, Israel Folau – $8,000 000 for Freedom of Speech; It’s cheap!


Israel Folau with his wife Maria in Melbourne on the day they settled with Rugby Australia. Picture: Aaron Francis – Dec. 6, 2019

Rise Up Australia congratulates Israel Folau, his wife Maria and all those who have supported him over the past months on his victory – A momentous win for freedom of speech for all Australians, who have once again won the right and the freedom to express their beliefs. The actual cost to the Australian citizen was precisely 32 cents per person (based on 25mil population). Can we put a price on our precious values, ‘Freedom of Speech’ being high on the list? We do not want to follow in the footsteps of North Korea, Burma, Libya, Cuba, Syria, (more…)



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