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Second Senate Candidate for NT
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Sharia Law belongs within the Islamic
Culture which is all Culture Religion and Law – They do not separate one from the other!

No wearing of western clothing.
Women must wear the hijab.
No drinking of alcohol.
No socialising between single/ unmarried men and women in public.
A Woman’s testimony will be deemed only half the worth of a man at the most.
Female genital mutilation is practiced.
The death penalty will be introduced.
Public stoning to death as a punishment for breaking of laws such as unfaithfulness in marriage.
Public lashings for menial offences.
And so much more!
In short:
No equal rights.
No freedom of thought or religion.
Western culture forbidden.
United Nations Human Rights Laws will not be observed.

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On the Topic of Abortion

Currently in NSW they are deliberating over the

Reproductive Healthcare Reform Bill’ 2019 which has been passed in the Lower House and is as yet, to be passed in the Upper House. As this bill is not yet law there is hope that the Upper House will vote with compassion and for justice, recognising the rights of those that as yet do not have a voice.

In NSW, at this time you are not legally able to have an abortion on demand and such abortions would be a criminal act. However, it is legal to have an abortion if the mother has sort medical attention and it is considered by her doctors that she is in need of an abortion (Crimes Act 1900). (more…)

Can You Believe this is really happening??

… They now tell us that a child as young as 3 years can decide TO CHANGE his or her Gender if HE OR SHE Feels they are really not the boy or Girl they were born as ! ! !

A boy-aged-5-returns to school as a girl in Britain!

A few weeks back I went to Sydney and attended a forum hosted by Greg Donnelly, MLC, NSW State Parliament. The Forum was held in the NSW Parliamentary building and we had the pleasure of spending the day being enlightened by 6 prominent speakers on the subject of, Gender Fluidity and Child Dysphoria. One of those speaker’s was Dr John Whitehall,  (more…)

Australians be vigilant!

Don’t allow BIG BROTHER to squash our FREE SPEECH

We are so encouraged and grateful to see and hear our Prime Minister Scott Morrison boldly and freely speak of his Christian faith in God, and shamelessly praying for the nations needy, as the nation watches on. This is not only a great step for freedom of religion in this country, but it also shows that our prime minister has not been gagged by ‘Political Correctness’, instead setting in place the principals of freedom of speech.




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