Graham Healy –  Lead Senate Candidate for Queensland.

Graham describes himself as a man of Faith, having become a Christian as a young man in his 20s. As he has progressed in his walk, Graham has become a very practical style of Christian who wants to see Faith by action not ‘just talk’ or religion. He has  been on ministry trips to Fiji as well as, over the years, building, growing and planning Churches and Ministries in Nigeria, Africa and Malaysia.

Graham has a registered charity/ministry and is a qualified minister with an honorary doctorate and entitled to be addressed as Reverend Doctor although he chooses not to be.

He has a Practical application of the “Love your neighbour” commandment which is presented in relationship building with people. The outworking of which changes lives transforms character and attitude in the individual, flows on to the family and expands to the whole nation.

Graham’s career/vocation started as a cadet surveyor for NEA (northern electric authority) He moved to a private firm, then changed direction and spent 10 years with the  Airline company, Trans Australian Airlines (TAA), Townsville, North Queensland, then progressed into small business partnerships. He owned partnerships in News Agencies, Post Offices & Bank Agencies; a Fruit Market, Milk Run and then finally in owning his own health centre called Healy’s Health and Fitness in Townsville (1988-1993) with over 2,000 members, including 100 martial arts students. He later moved to Brisbane and continued in small business, personal training and various other business enterprises while at the same time, upgrading his education.

Graham Healy is a Master personal trainer with diplomas in sports coaching, specializing in martial arts, and Fitness, (lower back care) Graham is also a qualified TAFE teacher, and an 8th dan- Black Belt in Martial Arts.
Currently he is studying a bachelor’s degree in clinical/medical Science as CQU  (Dr. of Chiropractic) and that will be followed by a Masters in Chiropractic. This gives Graham ‘extra depth’ combined with his many years of practical experience to bring a lifetime of involvement together both in practical and theory applications.

As can be ascertained from what has already been shared, Graham has a broad spectrum of ‘real life experience’ in the ‘pressure cooker’ of the small business environment.

To finalise and summarise, Graham does not believe in ‘passive Christianity’ but, ‘active Christianity’; getting involved in business and politics; endeavouring to make a difference for the overall good of the community; promoting democracy, freedom of speech, and religion. He says, “it is critical to be able to state ‘your case’ allowing the individual to make a free will choice’ from there, that’s how democracy works … YOU/WE HAVE A CHOICE !”

I joined the Rise Up Australia Party because I believe this is the only party that understands the value of and has had the foresight to fight for freedom of speech, for the individual and the nation.

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