Leslie Harris – Second Senate Candidate for Northern Territory.

Leslie Harris born in Winton Qld in 1962, spoke three aboriginal dialects as a young child and in his early school years at Renmark primary school, South Australia. Les is the proud son of Terrance Harris and Shirley Kirwan. “The town of Loxton in South Australia was founded by my father’s clan, and on my mother’s side I descended from two kings, the Pulpramudramudra and Nirripi, plus the Tiapilthringuda tribe kings of Coopers Creek, Queensland, and all the way down to the sand hills of the Coongi lakes – as it is called today, in South Australia. This would be hundreds of thousands of acres of land and waters,” Leslie proudly states.

Leslie, also having Irish, French and Scottish decent shows a real passion for the first people of the Land and especially the Taipilthringuda, Inaminka, Pulpramudramudra and Nirripi tribes.
Leslie has fought for the family’s native lands title and water holes, having his sons and daughter and ten grandchildren as a great support throughout the years as well as his extended families.
At present Leslie is sitting on an advisory panel for the National Parks South Australia and also the Sub Board of Yandruwandha Yawarrawarrka.
Leslie’s passion is Music – Guitar, Piano and Drums, singing and writing songs. He also enjoys cooking, hunting, fishing and traveling – mostly around Australia, but also overseas.
Because Leslie Harris is a practical “hands on person”, he loves working with young people and the nation’s Youth, seeing that they get a ‘fair go’ and the protection they need.
“Steak on the plate mate! Not pie in the sky”, Says, Les.

Leslie Joined Rise up Australia Party (RUAP) because he believes in putting Australia first.
He says, NO! to any new set of laws in Australia, namely Shariah law, which he believes is for those who want to be in bondage from overseas cultures, (especially the Middle east). “We have Australian common law which encompasses indigenous law as well, so we cannot have another law such as Sharia law”, says Leslie. “This law system not only clash with our Australian laws, but it would destroy our sovereignty and the God given rights of the people. Sharia law endorses murder, rape, rioting, the destruction of properties and the imprisonment or death of innocent people who appose its Islamic ideology, it has no place in Australia”, he adds.
Les Harris fully endorses Rise Up Australia Party Policy, which honours and respects the indigenous peoples and their customs; upholds Australian law and the freedoms of all people who abide by it. He agrees with RUAP, in that, if you don’t like Australian Law, don’t come to Australia. “We are one nation under one Flag and one constitution”. Confirms Les.

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