Vladimir Shigrov – Second Senate Candidate for New South Wales.

Vladimir Shigrov. Is of Siberian heritage, born in Kuldja China from Russian parents, who fled the communist regime of Stalin after the second world war.

His father was a soldier in WW2. and fought against the Yugurs who were Islamic.  His grandfather fought in the 1917 revolution alongside the Tsar’s white army, and was awarded, the Georges cross for bravery.  After the civil war, the family became displace people with no country to call theirs; however, with the help of WCC, (World Council of Churches) they were able to migrate to Australia along with many other displaced families. Vladimir and his family arrived in Melbourne in 1959, where they live for several years. and attended a local Sunday school, even though he spoke no English.  At 15 years of age Vladimir moved to Adelaide with his family and a year later in 1971 to Canada. It was in Canada where Vladimir started to show an interest in politics at the local government level.  He worked there for the mayor of Vancouver where he helped with his election campaign.

Vladimir returned to Australia 9 years later in 1980. He soon married and had 3 children, but sadly this marriage ended in divorce and Vladimir found himself a single parent for a number of years. It was during these turbulent years that Vladimir who had grown up as a Christian, reached out, and attended church with his 3 children, raising them to live a Christian life and to have Christian values.

Vladimir who has always been passionate about his Australian way of life says, “my passion is built on my Christian heritage from our forefathers. I feel these values and our Christian lifestyle are being undermined more than ever at present”.

Vladimir married again 14 years ago, together, he and his wife Julie have 5 children and 5 grandchildren. He has worked in the shopfitting, interior decorating, commercial, and the high end housing industry for 35 years. While in Canada managed Department stores and a franchise shoe company for a friend. Vladimir has also been involved in local government elections, studied justice at TAFE and worked in the construction industry.

After searching out all the political parties to see who had the same vision as he did, he found that only Rise Up Australia Party (RUAP) ticked all the boxes for him. “I am passionate about our freedom of speech, and for politicians, who have lost touch with mainstream Australians to be accountable to the people,” Vladimir says, with conviction.

Vladimir Shigrov states that at 63 years of age his focus is now on BRINGING COMMON SENSE BACK INTO AUSTRALIAN SOCIETY.

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