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The UNCUT Video Footage from 10-10 Bendigo Rally / Mr Nalliah on SBS & Channel 7

The UNCUT Video Footage from 10-10 Bendigo Rally: Please share with all your friends: The Anti Islam rally held in Bendigo by the United Patriots Front (UPF) was a great victory! More than 1000 people, almost all of whom were from Bendigo came to the rally. The socialist alliance had around 150 people protesting against…

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“As the President of Rise Up Australia Party, I call on all people to promote love and free speech, not violence of any sort.”

Daniel Nalliah the RUAP President stated from his office this morning: “I have and always will be an advocate for free speech and nothing will stop me from doing so. Neither will anything stop me from loving people, including Muslims. The good book, the Bible, states in Mathew 5:44,”But I say to you, love your…

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