Peter Vassiliou

PeterVassiliouHouse of Representatives Candidate for Hotham, VIC

Peter Vassiliou was born in Melbourne Australia, of Greek heritage parents. He completed his secondary education at Marcellin College in Bulleen, Melbourne, in 2007. He then went on to study Environmental Science at Deakin University.  In 2012 Peter married Melanie, his childhood sweetheart in Port Macquarie QLD. Peter and Melanie lived in QLD for several months and while there they found themselves drawn to helping the street people, by feeding those they could, encouraging them to take charge of their lives, and giving them faith and hope. By October the couple were back in Melbourne and after some time Peter began working with his father in the family business. It wasn’t long before he had the opportunity to pursue his lifelong dream of politics by working with a team at the Rise up Australia Party office in Hallam. There he gained vast experience in the political arena working with the party leadership.

Peter has been a candidate for Rise up Australia Party (RUAP) in the last two successive elections, the 2013 Federal and 2014 State elections. In addition to his involvement as a candidate Peter has worked as the lead cameraman and media editor for RUAP. He has also been highly involved in Policy development. Peter’s role as the RUAP South Eastern campaign manager greatly influenced the campaign of the Party President Daniel Nalliah, who subsequently very nearly secured a seat in the South Eastern Region for the legislative council.

What drives Peter?                  

Peter would say it is his passion to help others, especially to become people with purpose. Peter believes people need to have a vision for their future. His vision is to see truth and justice prevail in the halls of parliament. He believes, retaining our Judeo Christian heritage, Australian way of life and culture is significantly important in protecting our future.

Why Rise Up Australia Party?

Peter says,” that successive governments have lacked answerability to the Australian people. Rise up Australia Party will restore governmental accountability to the people of Australia and reinstate a culture of honour and respect in the halls of parliament”.

If Peter had one statement to say to the people of Hotham, this is what would it be!

“We must stop political correctness, prevent the Islamisation of Australia, reinstate honour, re-establish truthfulness and restore accountability to Government”. In the last several months Peter has had the opportunity of travelling and meeting enthusiastic Aussies all across the nation whilst campaigning for Rise Up Australia Party. Australian’s across the country have been highly impacted by the party’s policy principals and vision and many have taken up membership with the Party.

Peter Vassiliou believes this election is crucial for the future of Australia, and this is why he is running for the seat of Hotham in Melbourne for the 2016 Federal election as a Rise up Australia Party candidate.   Peter is much honored to be working for a “Politically Incorrect” party that has a true passion to protect the nation. Peter’s wife Melanie strongly supports him in his actions and is also standing in another electorate; together they have one daughter named Harmony.

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