The Holocaust and the Silence of Church & Government leaders resulted in the deaths of millions of people / You must watch this to protect history repeating itself

Recently at one of our meetings in Melbourne, we had Hugh Kitson, Producer, Director & Writer from Hatikvah Film Trust, as our guest speaker.

During his presentation he showed a video of the Holocaust.  You may click the following link to watch a brief clip of it from their Facebook page. When you watch this, just think, what did the Jews do to be slaughtered like animals (mother, father and children)?

It is not funny, but we all know history tends to repeat itself ever so often. In the full 1 ½ hour documentary (Jacob’s Tears) many leaders of that day speak with great sadness on behalf of many governments and nations which for most part stayed silent.

One leader stated, “if church & government leaders and the rest of the community had spoken up, we would have had possibly 10 thousand deaths and not 10 million+ deaths.”

The problem?? The world was lulled into a false sense of peace and security. Unfortunately, we are looking at another Holocaust already happening all over the world through fundamental Islam. Most government & church leaders and others are silent about it, with many leaders constantly denying that Islam is a violent religion. Due to political correctness, they state that Islam is a religion of peace.

One of Adolf Hitler’s friends was the Chief Mufti of Jerusalem. The Islamic Mufti was personally responsible for recruiting mainly Muslim units from eastern Europe (because they were white and blended in with the Nazi troops) to fight alongside the Hitler’s SS units. These units carried out most of the wicked and brutal slaughter of innocent civilians.

Hitler was an evil murderer, and found an ally in Islam. It is not surprising today, that the socialist & secularist groups have found an ally in Islam. These are all real enemies of democracies built on Judeo-Christian values.

When Islam has its way (not in Australia. As we will not let it happen), the first people they will wipe out will be their allies the Socialist & Secularist.

How long will you stay silent?? Remember, your silence could mean that your children and grandchildren will pay the price.

Rise Up Australia and Keep Australia Australian.

Daniel Nalliah

National President – RUAP

Posted on August 4, 2015 in Rise Up Australia, Sharia

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  1. May
    August 25, 2015 at 10:41 am ·

    To the Rise Up Australia Party,
    Firstly, thank you for your party, with its wonderful, much-needed values that reflect truth and decency (often lost in today’s world!).
    I am a former refugee to Australia. The issue of fake refugees to Australia today concerns me.
    I believe in respect and kindness to all. My friends include refugees from Vietnam and Africa. I used to smile at people with the ‘Say YES to refugees’ bumper sticker on their car.
    It is exactly due to me being as I describe above and being pro-refugee, that I came to learn a truth. I want to share this with you.
    I got to know an Iranian family of 17 recent ‘refugees’. Close friends with one of the family members, I asked him ‘So you were persecuted in the Middle East, that’s why you came here?’ He laughed. He told me he left for a better economic future. Once he and one sibling were here, he called the remaining 15 members of his family and explained to them ‘what to say to Immigration to be called a refugee’. It worked. All 15 are now here now. My friend also told me that among the ‘refugees’ of this ethnic group, the husband usually gets on to the Disability Pension, because it’s more money than an unemployment payment, and that the wife then get on to the corresponding Carer’s Pension. He explained that this is done in the Iranian and Afghan communities by going to an Afghan doctor in Prospect who is known to the community, because he ‘knows what to write’ to get people in these communities on to the Disability Pension. Only 1 person of the 15 in this family works, and part-time. I’ve been to social events on a Monday night, where I am the only person deciding to leave when it gets to 12am – because I am the only one going to work. Unfortunately, this is the case for a large majority of today’s Iranian and Afghan refugees. Many also work painting homes or collecting trolleys for money cash-in-hand, all while claiming Disability Pension. I also know that approximately only 55% people trying to be classified as refugees in Australia are deemed genuine refugees. I now know why the figure is so low, and welfare statistics among these two communities so high.
    I am writing to tell you that not all people now called refugees in Australia were ever like my own refugee family and refugee friends. Some of the refugees today are economic migrants posing as refugees (and taking the place of African refugees, for example, languishing in refugee camps in Africa for years, that we could take instead). In these times, people are increasingly selfish and lovers of themselves. Why would that be any different for the people trying to be deemed refugees today? They are not like the Vietnamese, Filipino, Eastern European and South American refugees of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. They are not genuine.
    Regarding my friend, I noticed also that his family and friends all took annual trips back to their homeland, for 3 months at a time, often within a year of being in Australia. I couldn’t understand it at first (before my friend told me his story). My own refugee family were not only not able to go back for almost 20 years, as we could have been jailed for escaping, but we even had no desire to go, after all we’d been through.
    After hearing the story of my friend, I started to wonder. Then the boats arriving in Australia full of only young men started to make me wonder. Where were the women and children, I thought? Surely someone being persecuted and in danger, would not leave the most vulnerable – the women and children – behind! I know of a Czech family who ran through the mountains in winter, their baby in their backpack, border guards shooting at them, to escape from their formerly communist country. I heard the stories of my Vietnamese friend’s father, who spoke of their boats full of families – men, women and children – where daily someone would be thrown overboard, as they had died of dehydration or starvation. I know many other such stories. I tell you, a true refugee will never leave women and children behind. I was not even a toddler when we escaped our former country. My parents did not leave me behind.
    Now I don’t know why this person told me all this. Possibly it was because he knew I was former refugee and assumed my story was similar to his. When I told him my family’s refugee story, he actually exclaimed ‘You were real refugees!’. Saddened by my new knowledge, I could no longer be friends with people able to deceive in such a way, and furthermore, profit from deception. And I wanted to share this sad truth I’d learned.
    I used to think the refugees from Iran and Afghanistan arriving on boats were as legitimate as the Vietnamese boat people in the 70’s and 80’s. (The Vietnamese were real refugees. They had no camps to flee to; they only had their long coastline. And they have made wonderful citizens. A real refugee will work hard, bless Australia for giving them asylum and integrate). Now I think otherwise re today’s ‘refugees’. I believe some are refugees, but the majority are opportunists – economic migrants posing as refugees – using the generosity and kindness of Australian people against them. My Vietnamese refugee friends feel the same – they do not support the false refugees arriving today. And surely we can see the falseness in the high welfare payment usage, the lack of integration into their community. Because I and my Vietnamese and African former refugee friends know this – genuine refugees will grasp the chance they are given with both hands, and with their heart. They will work hard, raise their families, respect Australian society, socialise with all other people here. As the Vietnamese and Europeans and South Americans and many others have done. The Lebanese community in Adelaide (who arrived here as refugees from war-torn Lebanon in the 80’s) have stood up and advised these new arrivals are not genuine refugees. They would not do this to fellow-Muslims, if it was not the truth. That’s why the boats had to be stopped. Today, fake asylum seekers are a real concern to Australians. I no longer vote for the Greens, after years of doing, because of the party’s seemingly blind ‘everyone-is-a-refugee-no-questions-asked’ policy. A dangerous policy. One that let Man Monis into Australia – a fake refugee.
    Lastly, under the UN rules regarding refugees created after WW2, a refugee is to go to the first safe country possible and declare themselves to the authorities. (My family did this). They are then processed and placed in a UN-run refugee camp or in the community until they are processed and a country/several countries offer to take them. (My family did this. Detention centres were once called refugee camps. They’re fine. We lived 2 years in one overseas and, while it was hard not knowing our future, we felt lucky to be safe, to be fed, clothed and housed. Real refugees do NOT burn their own camp – a place they are finally safe from persecution. My family were horrified to see camps burning here). People applying to be refugees are not supposed to, after catching a plane to the safe country of Indonesia, then refuse to go to one of the UN-run camps there. They are not supposed to then pay for a people-smuggler to get them to Australia, to try to force Australia’s hand in taking them, and then one-by-one, bring their family (who they’ve left in supposedly dangerous conditions) here! I think it’s done because our welfare system is so generous. A person who is an opportunist will ensure that end up in a country that has generous welfare. Why did over 200 so-called refugees return to their homelands, once they heard they’d be settled in Papua? How is it they could suddenly return and be safe? A real refugee would have gone to Papua and made a new life. I tell you this because I was once a refugee. We could not have gone back. If we had, my parents would have been jailed, and I put in a state-run orphanage.
    Some people tell lies. It is a fact. We should learn to be wise and discerning enough to be kind to those who truly need it – and not to those who deceive us, no matter how convincing the deception. Let us embrace those who truly need asylum! Like my family needed.
    Thank You,

  2. Barbara
    August 5, 2015 at 10:07 am ·

    For your interest.
    Last week Moslems were giving out free copies of the Koran to people getting off trains at Hoppers Crossing station. Some people stopped and waited for their copy. They also offered lectures on Islam.
    Just thought I would share this with you.

  3. Quote from Martin Niemoller
    August 4, 2015 at 1:20 pm ·

    “In Germany they first came for the Communists, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Communist.
    Then they came for the Jews, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew.

    Then they came for the trade unionists, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist.

    Then they came for the Catholics, and I didn’t speak up because I was a Protestant. Then they came for me and by that time no one was left to speak up.”

    Quote from Martin Niemoller

  4. Baiba
    August 4, 2015 at 12:53 pm ·

    Thank you, watched the link then part 2 of the link. Have passed this on. Baiba

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