Rise Up Australia Party represented & witnessed the deep collective reflection which defined Australia’s enduring determination to this day, to face any challenge, any threat and overcome. President Dr Daniel Nalliah and Deputy President Rosalie Crestani, Western Australia State President Anthony Hardwick along with various other team members and supporters, 55 strong with 3,000 fellow countrymen flanked the ceremonies.
The honour shown by Israel, hosting the commemoration was unmatched. A highlight was Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech which attended to the layered sensitivities of its significance, reflected in the references to Bible and fearless bravery and stood resolute as a friend to Australia and New Zealand and a steadfast protector of Israel, promising he would continue to defend that which our ancestors miraculously delivered. The crowd stood and cheered the Israeli Prime Minister on; the rapturous applause reflected acknowledgement of his true sincerity. The people of Israel, also highly respectful and jubilant at our presence, all knew full well just what occurred so many years ago, yet echoed through the many decades since, revealed as an important key in returning Israel to their owners the land upon which they tread.
Our Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull along with other dignitaries also presented and gave a snapshot of ANZAC memories.
Recognition was abound; and just what party recognises Israel?
Rise Up Australia Party has a long standing specific policy regarding Israel; we are committed to supporting the State of Israel, and that Jerusalem should to remain its undivided capital. A natural extension of our commitment and support was in our purpose and presence at Beersheba, Israel.
The Anzac spirit endures.
God bring peace to Israel, New Zealand and Australia.

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