A Country is Known by How They Treat Their Own

The Broken Human Rights Record:
China Vs Australia

By Rosalie Crestani

I have long been concerned by the current and historic horrific human rights record of the Chinese government, as the greatest reason to be cautious in local community dealings linked to China, whether in economic or cultural partnerships.

Economic partnership with the aim to create local jobs sounds good but at what cost, truly. After all, we are looking to deal with an arm of the same government who lock their people away in ‘re-education camps’ and often steal their kidneys at the same time(1). A country is known by how they treat their own.What kind of leaders would we be if we allowed a barbaric psychopathic extreme communistic organisation to ‘partner’ with us just so we can grow our local economy, albeit, temporarily? That to me looks to be putting money before sense at best, or at worst selling our souls, as we overlook the misery of so many.

Whether you realise it or not, or believe in God or not, sooner or later we will all decide whether we will serve God or money… or, as I see it, “Doesn’t the love of money risk our ethics while selling out our God-given sovereignty, safety and stability to a foreign power like China?” (2)

But before I continue pointing the finger, I want to pause for a moment and reflect on Australia’s human right record… just to be fair…

In its infancy as a British colony, Terra Australis was one of Britain’s re-education camps, however not quite brutal enough to steal kidneys. Australia was a one-way ticket for a petty thief and other low-level criminal offenders. Besides the risk of death from illness or abuse on the long ‘boat cruise’ over, the absence of Medicare or Centrelink on arrival, gave one the opportunity to toughen up and carve out a life.

Of course, Australia’s human rights record is not complete without dealing with the very sensitive issues surrounding treatment of the Aboriginal people. We will look closer at this in future articles.

Australia, a Commonwealth nation now primarily autonomous; progressing in shredding the shackles of a broken past, taking control of her own destiny; not too shabby for a motley crew who emigrated from the ‘lower classes’; sprinkled with some unsavoury characters, along with free settlers and British Servants of the Crown, who in a glorious blend, can be primarily credited with its modern inception.

But what of the other particulars of Australia’s human rights records? After all, we are the laid-back nation, where the world loves to holiday;  everyone wants to throw a shrimp on our Barbie and bathe on our beaches even though we have slow internet.  Yet, there is a severe miscarriage of justice no one wants to talk about…

Seriously people, Australia hosts one of the worst human rights records in the world per capita for intentionally silencing human heartbeats by literally, sucking the brains from a partially born full-term baby, without anaesthetic. This is barbaric and psychopathic; right? Yet it is what Victoria has had enshrined in their laws now for over a decade, and recently, Tasmania and Queensland too. Now the NSW parliament has been pushed to consider adopting the same law!! Who are we to decides whether another lives or dies? Even worse is when the decision to kill is to avoid inconvenience, shame or the risk of losing money All I can say about a society that easily accepts this: is, that we know we have descended into the lower levels of a hell that has a quasi-Nazi control not unlike how the holocaust Jews were dehumanised, rounded up tortured and crammed into gas chambers to die.  How dare we decide who lives or dies!

I am constantly floored by the blaringly, obvious, sickening hypocrisy in the duplicity of just how we put a value on human life, not only in Australia but across the Western world.

I have served on the Access & Inclusion committee for six years on Council. I chose to be on the committee because I have a heart for the vulnerable in the community. The word ‘vulnerable’ has different meanings to different people. For me, it started with the disabled. I know we can all improve on advancing the plight of the disabled, however at the same time, what upsets me, is that ‘disability’  underpins the actual reason to end the life of an unborn child. Is this not just how the Nazis justified their killings to ‘get rid of the weak’ as is detailed in Darwinic type eugenics (3)? So why are we funding amniocentesis-procedures anyway? If the sole reason for performing the procedure is to determine whether the baby is deformed genetically, i.e. mentally or physically (disabled), so that the parents may be pressured to end the baby’s life, isn’t this horrific abuse of disabled children?

I was invited to speak at a March for the Babes event a few years ago. Before I took the stage, I traversed the streets of Melbourne with 1000’s of others who were confronted by a group of very angry, creatively dressed, young people shouting curses and even attacking peaceful marchers. Somehow, I avoided the violence, even though I yanked a core-flute back off a man who stole it from a peaceful marcher, I won that tug-o-war; I was then confronted by this young woman with short bleached blonde hair and dark roots. She had thick black eye makeup and ear piercings beyond piercings.  She was screaming all sorts of vile words and names at me. I took one look at her and my heart filled with compassion. I wasn’t angry and I simply said, “I know you’re hurting hun.” “DON’T CALL ME HUN,” was her reply. I apologised, but I repeated in a quiet voice, “I know you’re hurting”. She was silenced by my words and walked away.

Somehow soon after, the other speakers and I managed to get through the angry throng and take the make-shift stage. I had prepared some notes but as I looked down at the young people who had just given me their Melbourne CBD welcome, something dropped into my spirit and I knew I had to say it.

When I took the Microphone, I looked at the young angry mob who had actually turned silent waiting for me to speak. I said to them, “Aren’t you glad your Mother never aborted you?” and I repeated it, “Aren’t you glad your Mum never aborted you?” They were even more silent. Then I went on, “I am glad that you were never aborted, because you are precious, and you are valuable.”

We are all alive today with the right to speak, because our Mothers never aborted us! Some of us even surviving attempted abortion.

I am calling out Australia’s own horrific human rights, where there is repeated slaying OF THE UNBORN CHILD, disabled or not. If we keep repeating history, like a broken record, we will continue to suffer all the flow on effects of that, including depression and suicide which stems from a culture of death, and all the addictive ways our society attempts to live with that misery.

We must rip the record off our own record player, smash it so we can gain a stronger right to call out other nation’s human rights failures, particularly China’s.

In the meantime, I maintain my caution of our far northern neighbours, remaining fiercely protective or my own Australia, our borders and land and assets, oh yes, most importantly, our people, born or unborn, disabled or not.

  1. https://www.news.com.au/world/asia/barbaric-torture-brainwashing-and-forced-organ-removals-inside-chinas-brutal-death-camps/news-story/d249c1daedbbf1aff02f1c92744e2d78
  2. Jesus quoted detailed in the Bible, “No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other, You cannot serve God and mammon”, Matthew 6:24. Mammon is the ancient Syriac god of riches. https://aim4truth.org/2019/04/03/god-or-mammon/
  3. https://answersingenesis.org/charles-darwin/racism/darwinism-and-the-nazi-race-holocaust/ The egalitarian ideal that ‘all people are created equal’, which now dominates Western ideology, has not been universal among nations and cultures.11 A major force that has argued against this view was the Social Darwinian eugenics movement, especially its crude ‘survival of the fittest’ worldview.10,12 As Ludmerer noted, the idea that the hereditary quality of the race can be improved by selective breeding is as old as Plato’s Republic but:‘ … modern eugenics thought arose only in the nineteenth century. The emergence of interest in eugenics during that century had multiple roots. The most important was the theory of evolution, for Francis Galton’s ideas on eugenics—and it was he who created the term “eugenics”—were a direct logical outgrowth of the scientific doctrine elaborated by his cousin, Charles Darwin.’13 Nazi governmental policy was openly influenced by Darwinism, the Zeitgeist of both science and educated society of the time.



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