A Happy Easter Message

Easter is traditionally a Christian festivity and Good Friday is a national holiday. Did you know ‘holiday’ was originally derived from the words ‘Holy day’? Therefore it is correct to say that Easter is a Holy time for those who hold to the Christian faith and traditions.

This Easter like others in the past is marred by the threats of Terrorism and Natural disasters. Fear can creep into our hearts as we survey the world news and the predictions of terror attacks bomb threats, beheading, Isis invasions, climate catastrophes, a failing economy and talk of Aliens at the South Pole (the latest). It’s enough to send a chill up anyone’s spine.
The Bible tells us that in the last days, men’s hearts will fail them for fear. (Luke 21:26). As we draw closer to the end of this Age and the prophesied return of Christ, and survey the condition of the world we can gain a better understanding of that scripture.
In the literal sense fear can actually bring on a heart attack. And in the spiritual sense fear can separate us from God causing us to be anxious, unbelieving and faithless. Having lost all hope, and choosing to believe what we see rather than what the Bible promises us, people turn away from God and Life.
What is Easter really all about? Well it’s not about Rabbits and bunnies, chocolate eggs and Easter hunts, eating, drinking and the like. Easter is historically to celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and newness of life which he made available to all mankind.
This Easter, as always Jesus holds out his hand to all of us, no matter who you are or where you are on life’s journey; on invitation, He will meet you where you’re at on the ’road’, and together you can continue the expedition.
In Australia Easter is a celebrated Christian time, It is part of our culture heritage and way of life, Traditionally it is a family time, where we all come together to enjoy each other’s company and the traditional Easter fair. Make this Easter special, Keep up the tradition.
Here are a few tips you might like to consider whether you are a Christian or not.

  • Take a moment to reflect on your relationship with God, your bonds with family and life in general.
  • Let’s agree together, to put aside baggage from the past,
  • Put aside disputes, forgive those who have done you wrong, and make an effort to re-establish ties.
  • Look for someone to whom you can stretch out the hand of friendship – It’s the Australian thing to do!

Have a wonderful Easter


Daniel Nalliah and the Rise Up Australia Party Team.

Posted on April 13, 2017 in Uncategorized

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