A sign of the times! Discernment and Wisdom is required.

By Yvonne Gentle

Saudi Arabia Is Starting to Stockpile Oil Again!
Playing the Great Game in the Persian Gulf. -Bloomfield Opinion
Photographer: MyLoupe/Universal Images Group Editorial

Drone strikes set fire to Saudi oil plants –    

On Saturday September 14th this year, drone attacks hit two of Saudi Arabia’s key oil installations, “damaging facilities that process the clear majority of the country’s crude output and raises the risk of a disruption in the world’s oil supplies”.(1)

America Says Iran is behind it!
One wonders if the effects of lowering Saudi Arabia’s oil supply is going to hurt the Saudi Kingdom at all, and what would it really gain Iran to destroy oil accessibility even if it is harvested in Saudi Arabia? What will happen now is that the price of crude oil is most certainly going to rise eventually, justified or not by recent events. The Arabs will be only too happy to have the price of oil skyrocket and may I suggest’ harvest in the dollars’. Does anybody know how much oil Saudi Arabia’s has and where it is stock piled for that matter? Do we really believe the Muslim world is going to display all their ‘cards on the table’ to the infidels of the West? I can’t see that losing a little oil is going to affect the Saudis that much. I believe that if any country was wanting to harm another or hold them to ransom, they would pick on something that was vital to their existence.

When I was in Dubai (The buckle on Saudi Arabia’s boot) oil was about 18 cents a litre and water about 85 cents, converted back to Aussie dollars. That’s if I had my conversion rate right. Anyway, my point is that water costs a lot more than oil in these desert kingdoms. Therefore, I think if I was planning to give Saudi Arabia a tough time, I would strike their water supplies not their oil. So, I am asking what and who are the targets of this most recent oil attack?

Oil is not the Saudi’s only ‘Gold mine’!
In Saudi Arabia there is Oil and Water! They have water from the sea and deep wells. Ahmed Safar Al Asmari runs one of Berain’s two plants in Riyadh. Surprisingly or maybe not? Asmari says he is undisturbed about Saudi Arabia’s water future and is confident they have drinking water for about 150 years, saying that, “In Saudi Arabia, we have many reserves – we have no problems in this area.”
This view however is not widely held, nor is it in line with the facts. A specialist at the King Faisal University who is a groundwater expert has already forecast that the kingdom only has another 10 years’ worth of groundwater reserves left.

“Groundwater resources of Saudi Arabia are being depleted at a very fast rate,” declared the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation as far back as 2008”. (2)
‘Every man and his dog’ know that the Saudi desert paradise ‘owes’ its present good fortune to the finding of oil in 1938, but not many realize that without the water it wouldn’t have happened. Yes! It’s
undeniably, that this country, which rarely sees rain, has only become what it is today because of its plentiful oil supply, yet a deficiency in water could easily finish it if key measures aren’t found, and swift action taken soon.

Saudi Arabia leads the world in the volume of desalinated water it
produces, and now operates 31 desalination plants such as the one
pictured, located outside Riyadh
photograph: Fahad Shadeed/Reuters

Dr Rebecca Keller … “It’s the desert,” said Keller. “Obviously, water is a natural constraint.” …. “Saudi Arabia is using more than four times the water that renews on average – and that’s in Vision 2020,” says Dr Rebecca Keller from Stratfor – a private intelligence and geopolitical analysis firm (3) – Keller says she was shocked after learning about the country’s water use. “Technically they’re using fossil water,

which renews at a really, really, slow rate. The sheer volume of overuse stood out to me.”

“While many question ….the kingdom’s optimistic estimates of its own oil reserves, the looming threat of a lack of water could prove to be an even bigger problem. Saudi Arabia  consumes double the world average of water per person, 263 litres per capita each day and rising, ” ….

Keller also says Saudi Arabia’s evolving use of desalination technology could also alter their relationship with other countries in the region, like Israel. “They’re producing the most cutting-edge technology for desalination, especially at scale,” she said. “As we see [both countries] having more geopolitical things in common in terms of their attitude to Iran, there’s more room for this relationship to grow, and the Saudi water sector is something that could benefit from this cooperation.”

Saudi Arabia leads the world in the production of desalinated water, operating 31 desalination plants which only supplies 50% of the water they consume, the rest of their water they pull from the ground. Saudi’s Water and Electricity Minister said the country will need an investment of $133 billion to sustain their water usage and “to cope with the rising demand.” (https://www.arabianbusiness.com/saudi-groundwater-will-run-out-in-13-years–621171.html

The picture is becoming clearer:

Although Saudi Arabia has what may seem to the nations around them, a vast supply of water, they also have a very extravagant thirst for it and don’t seem to be ones to economise regarding their lifestyle and their overuse of the water. Yes, they are raking in the billions from their oil, but they are spending it on their water, and it would seem they may be feeling the pinch and looking for ways to raise revenue. Hmmm! Did someone say, “raise the price of oil”? Well that would seem logical seeing that most of the western world is dependent on the flow from the Middle East. America however, under President Trump’s foresight has been able to predict the likelihood of rising prices and oil control coming from the Islamic nations; he is re-opening, although controversial, many of the county’s oil installations that Obama had shut down. (4)


Getting back to the possible issue of raising revenue by raising the price of oil! How would the Saudi’s justify it?

Having their key oil installations hit, damaging the facilities, that ought to do it! Did we hear it reported that such a disaster could raise the price of oil to around the $2 U.S. mark?  Even if it is the Australian dollar, we are looking at about a 40% price rise. Well, I think it has already started; today I saw that the price of petrol was up to $1.77 a lt. at one service centre (8)

Signs of the Times:

For fear of sounding religious I can’t help but reflect on the world’s best-selling book which tells us that the days are coming when men’s hearts will fail them for fear!

And there seems there is a lot of fear and uncertainty around us today in our own country and especially in the Middle East and Europe. There are already suggestions that this Saudi / Iran affair could start a third World War. But this is nothing new! Ever since I can remember there has been threats of a third world war. When I was a child it was America and Russia that were going to blow each other of the map. For those who have never lived through a world war which would be most of us, you might think a world war is a large-scale war which affects the whole world directly or indirectly, and you would be right. However, it is not that matter of fact. War is no longer sitting in the trenches with your fire arms waiting for the enemy to appear from out of nowhere, or bombing attacks from the air, or battle ships fighting it out at sea, nor is it the atomic bombs, used to end the 2nd WW, as horrific and devastating those events were. (5)

Today we face the looming threat of a World War between nuclear-armed powers.  A war that is certain to be much more violent than anything ever dreamt up by Hollywood or the doomsday theorists that publish their descriptive imaginations on YouTube. Concepts range from minimised and controlled use of nuclear weapons, to the complete destruction of the surface of the Earth. This is a glimpse at nuclear war (click this) but no one has ever lived through it so we will never know what it is like until it is upon us.

Yet in 1947, Albert Einstein commented that “I know not with what weapons World War III will be ought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones”. (6)

Today we hear countries like Iran, Syria, North Korea, Russia, China, America all talking about and threatening one another with the possibility of a third world war. And what is it all about? the love of money, world control, dominance and power… The World’s Best Seller tells us that this is what the world will be like at the end of the Age. It also says there will be wickedness in high places, and that men will be liars, and lovers of pleasure, rather than lovers of God. * That is so true as no one but a select few even want to talk about God, and if you do it is called hate talk. Bring up the subject in company or in a public place and everyone goes silent and looks uncomfortable.

The book also mentions that even the most astute will be deceived, and many will follow and be deceived by a One World Government who has a leader that will deceive even the Elite; he will number and monitor all people within his system. And he will not allow anyone to buy or sell unless they pledge themselves to serve him. His government will have world control, and there will be very inflated prices, as food and essentials will experience great shortages. He will plan to change the laws and Holy days of God.**

These are just some of the warnings that have been recorded in the world’s bestselling book, the Bible, written over a period of  3400 years, from around 1300 BC to 100 A D; yet the events are as real now and more reliable than today’s news.

What has this got to do with Saudi Arabia and Iran, you might say?

Saudi’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman warns that
oil prices could spike to “unimaginably high numbers” if
the world does not come together to deter Iran, but says
he prefers a political solution to a military

Saudi Arabia says Iran attacked them, well really, their oil, Iran says they didn’t, who is lying? Saudi certainly has a lot more to gain if they can convince the world that Iran is the perpetrator. It’s called ‘lying through your teeth’, but that’s OK, their Islamic and Muslims are encouraged to lie if it’s for a good cause, like starting a war or making millions of dollars from the Infidels, the western nations of the world. This would be pleasing to Allah who hates all infidels. (7)

We (Rise Up Australia) believe that most people in this country would  still identify in some way as Christian, having or living with Christian values, under a just law system based on the 10 Commandments of God which were given to Moses and Israel, after their escape from Egypt around 3500 years ago. The God of Israel and Christianity is a Just God, who cannot lie, (9) having mercy and love, and hates no-one.

Clearly the God of Islam and the God of Christianity is not the same God. Yet Muslims say He is; While at the same time, they are seeking to eradicate Christianity, Jews, and other religions through controlling the world, changing our Laws and converting all people to their religion, Islam.

What better way to use oil, as an avenue of control! Oil has become so valuable and essential to life as we know it. Those who have the oil and or control it could and will control the world. That is one thing that President Trump is awake to, hence he is reviving oil production in America.

Australia Wake up! We need to get oil production going again in this country.


Our President Daniel Nalliah Who is also the president of Reformation Harvest Fire Ministries, recently had A dream; in that dream God warned him of things that were about to come to pass. These are that Signs of the Times that have been recorded in the Bible from over 2000 years ago….

Dream on 9 Aug 2019 at 2.30am.(10)

Ps Daniel Nalliah stated: In the dream I saw Australia, America and many other nations going through
severe economic crisis. The cost of living skyrocketed; petrol was $2 a litre. I saw in the dream multitudes of horses and riders dressed in green, riding towards the west. I also saw multitudes of horsed and riders dressed in red, riding towards the west. I heard the words ‘rise up and stand against these horses and their riders.’
The interpretation of the dream was given to him as this:
“As the West is going through an economic crisis, we must be very careful not to sell or borrow from Islamic countries or China. The green horsemen represented Islam while the red horsemen represented China. Islamic countries and china are serving their own purposes for world domination. They are coming into Europe, Africa and Asia by stealth. Many 3rd world countries are in debt to China and the Middle East. Some have to sell their land or give over their seaports and airports to China.
In this hour, we need to pray hard and thank God for giving us a Christian PM, to see us through this crisis. He needs much wisdom and guidance from the right sources. Your PM Scott Morrison, will need to have a clear prophetic voice from God.”
(1) New York Times – Sept. 14, 2019 By Ben Hubbard, Palko Karasz and Stanley Reed

(2) http://www.fao.org/nr/water/aquastat/countries_regions/SAU/index.stm

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(5) atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

(6) Albert Einstein commented.

(7) https://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-49760200

(8) https://www.smh.com.au/business/markets/petrol-prices-could-hit-2-per-litre-if-middle-east-

(9) A God who cannot lie: Hebrews. 6:18 Living translation – 18: So God has given both his promise and his oath. These two things are unchangeable because it is impossible for God to lie. Therefore, we who have fled to him for refuge can have great confidence, as we hold to the hope that lies before us.

(10) Reformation Harvest Fire Website Early August posts: www.reformationharvestfire.com
* 2 Tim 3:1-4 KJV
“But KNOW this,
that in the last days
perilous times will come ….
Evil men and impostors
will grow worse and worse,
deceiving (lying) and being deceived.” …
Lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God

** Dan 7:25 God’s word Translation
End Time Ruler will plan to change appointed times and Laws

Dream was a month before the September 14 oil strikes.

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