A speech given by Daniel Nalliah at a rally in Sydney on 29th January 2017.


Dear Friends,

This is a speech given by Daniel Nalliah at a rally in Sydney on 29th January 2017.

Dr Daniel’s speech –

Dr Daniel Nalliah could not be present with us today but I will be reading his speech on his behalf:

To Liz and all the Reclaim Australia Team. Thank you for inviting us to speak at this rally once again. Most unfortunately, I could not be with you today due to another engagement in Melbourne.

My subject for today is fighting the enemy within. This is one of our biggest challenges that we are faced with. The left wing socialist violent bigots, which includes most of the lying and almost totally left biased media are one such enemy we must engage.

A classic example of the left biased, lying media are the recent US Presidential Elections. The media totally predicted that Hillary Clinton will win the election. Their predictions were completely wrong and thank God Donald Trump won the election. The impact of social media and FOX News was immense. May I call it the real news.

It must be understood that most violence carried out at peaceful rallies like this, is perpetrated by left wing socialists who have no values in life. They constantly cause trouble at peaceful democratic rallies or demonstrations because they have nothing better to do but act as traitors in the very countries they live in.

Now on Islamic Terror. Islamic Terror attacks were something we used to watch on TV and they happened in other Countries! It was back in 1997 when I called Australia home, after living in Saudi Arabia for 2 years under sharia law and being forced to watch beheadings. I knew that it was a matter of time before Islamic violence and terror would be on the streets of Western countries. Not because Islamist were smart. But because the West was fast asleep.

The 9/11 attack was a real shock awakening for us in the West.

I’m shocked that our politicians and media are still not willing to speak out against the real source of the problem, in particular that Islamic terror against us (infidels), is fully motivated and endorsed by the Koran.

When I spoke out against Islam 20 years ago and said we need to wake up and be pro-active against this terror. Many laughed it off. But today it is no longer a laughing matter. As unfortunately it is now in our back yard.

In Sydney and Melbourne several attacks have been stopped by the great work of our law enforcement. We must applaud them for this, however there have been at-least 4 successful terror attacks in Australia.

Katrina Dawson and Tori Johnson…Lindt Cafe
Curtis Cheng…..Parramatta Police Station
Wayne Greenhalgh…Minto.
The car attack in Melbourne 5 dead 30 injured.

This car attacker was also a Muslim. The media and government covered it up very well. Thanks to social media the truth and identity of who the perpetrator really was came out.

Last Tuesday I had an urgent call to come down to the Royal Melbourne hospital, by the family of one of the victim’s (a 19 year old girl) in the car attack on Burke Street Melbourne. I said a prayer for this girl and another 33-year-old girl, who was also another victim. Both were very critical and on life support. At that point the doctors were planning on turning off their life support.

As I entered the ICU and saw the young girl lying unconscious, my heart was so sad and my eyes were filled with tears, as I prayed for these victims. Subsequently, I thank God the life support is not yet turned off and both girls are still alive. I request that we all bow our heads for 30 seconds and say a short prayer for all the victims and their families.

“Dear God please do not let these girls nor any other victims die. Bring healing to their body, soul and spirit. We ask that they will live. Please comfort all the victims and their families. Help us to unite as a nation and shun violence and embrace peace, love and justice. In Jesus name, Amen.”

Thank you all. God Bless Australia.

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